Developmental Biology

Bachelor thesis and research project

Students of the Biology, MLS and MBLS bachelor programmes are welcome to perform their BSc thesis & research project in the Developmental Biology division. We do ask that you have participated in our level 3 course 'Developmental Biology and Genetics' (B-B3OBG05). This course teaches basic skills in handling C. elegans, which the research project builds upon. It also covers the theoretical background and experimental techniques used by the research groups of our division.

The research projects are organized in period 4. You will write a theoretical literature thesis over a period of 7 weeks, the topic of which will be determined together with your supervisor. The practical component takes up the other 3 weeks. Together with one other student, you will be assigned a daily lab supervisor within the research department of Developmental Biology. You will carry out a practical research project which is part of the PhD student or post-doc’s own project. Individually, you will write a short report in the format of a scientific article on the practical research component. This is a separate assignment from the literature thesis, as the topics will most often not be the same (after all, there are many more topics within the field of Developmental Biology than we can offer in the lab).

If you would like to do your BSc research project and thesis in our group in period 4, please contact with the following information:

  • Name and student number
  • The name of the study your are enrolled in (Biology/MLS/MBLS)
  • The studypaths you follow, and the N2 and N3 courses relevant to your research project

After you application we will let you know if you qualify and if there is space. At the end of period 3 we will contact you with further details of the program.

If you would like to write a thesis in periods 1–3, you may contact the individual group leaders directly. Their email addresses are listed on the members page.