Developmental Biology

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The Van den Heuvel lab invites applications for a postdoctoral research position in Developmental Biology. The focus of the project will be to reveal the regulatory logic of cellular decision making in the context of animal development. For details or to apply, click here.

We are home to four research groups that share a mission to decipher biological principles in the context of animal development and tissue homeostasis. We also aim to train the next generation of developmental biologists through inspiring teaching at the level of bachelor, master, and PhD education in the biology department and Utrecht Life Sciences community. Learn more about our research or teaching through the links in the menu, or continue scrolling to read the latest news from our division.

News from our division

Inge with her best course award

Best Biology course award

Inge The received the 'best Biology level 2 course of the year' award for her work developing and coordinating the Developmental Biology course in 2019/2020. Congratulations Inge and all teachers involved!

BBLN-1 mutant

Publication in Current Biology

Our new article shows that the novel and evolutionary conserved protein BBLN-1 (bublin) is essential for intermediate filament organization and lumen morphology in the C. elegans gut.

Read the paper here

argonaute paper image

Publication in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology

Congratulations Suzan on publing the study of how mRNA structural dynamics control of mRNA-protein interactions!

Read the paper here