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This conference concerns the coupling between spin, charge and heat transport in materials and devices. It is a sequel to the conferences held  in Leiden, Sendai, Columbus and Irsee. Topics include spin Seebeck and related effects in insulators and metals, heat-current-induced dynamics in ferromagnets  and antiferromagnets, magnon Bose-Einstein condensation and spin superfluidity, and new materials for spin caloritronics.

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Confirmed invited speakers:
J. Barker (Tohoku)
G. Bauer (Tohoku)
F. Casanova  (Ikerbasque)
G.-M. Choi (KIST)
V. Demidov (Muenster)
O. Gomonay (Mainz)
J. Heremans (Ohio)
C. Hess (IFW Dresden)
H. Heubl (Munich)
B. Hillebrands (KaisersLautern)
A. Hoffmann (Argonne)
S. K. Kim (UCLA)
M. Klaui (Mainz)
O. Klein (SPINTEC)
J. Koenig (Duisburg)
B. Koopmans (Eindhoven)
I. Krivorotov (UC Irvine)
P.  Krzysteczko (PTB)
J. Linder (Trondheim)
S. Maekawa (JAEA)
R. Myers (Ohio)
K. Nakata (Basel)
T. Ono (Kyoto)
T. Palstra (Groningen)
G. Reiss (Bielefeld)
E. Saitoh (Tohoku)
S. Seki (Riken)
Jing Shi (UC Riverside)
O. Tchernyshyov (Johns Hopkins)
Y. Tserkovnyak (UCLA)
B. Van Wees (Groningen)
V. Vasyuchka (Kaiserslautern)
Ke Xia (Beijing)
B. Zink (Denver)