The DRSTP Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2015
Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP)
will be held for the third time in collaboration with the
Jorge André Swieca/IFT Summer School
26 January - 6 February 2015
Săo Paulo, Brazil


Tips for presentations

Due to the different format of the DRSTP school this year, the presentations will be shorter than usual: 7 min + 3 min question/feedback.
Please make the necessary adjustments. The first session will be on Wednesday evening (Jan 28th).

Alkofer, Natalia (RU): Spectral dimensions from the spectral action
Barragán Amado, José Julián (RUG): On the asymptotic behaviour of the two-point correlation functions
Basanisi, Luca (RUG): Massive N=2 supergravity in three dimensions
Benenowski, Bartosz (UL): Fake supersymmetry. Stability of solitons
Betzios, Panagiotis (UU): c=1 matrix quantum mechanics
Cohen Maldonado, Diego Benjamin (UvA): Subtracted geometries
Coone, Dries (RUG): Inflation with a general Hubble function
Cotogno, Sabrina (VUA/Nikhef): Internal structure of the nucleon inspired by AdS/QCD
Dimitrakopoulos, Fotios (UvA): (In)Stability of AdS
Ferrari, Francesca (UvA): Umbral moonshine
Fumagalli, Jacopo (Nikhef): Non local formulation of ghost free bigravity
Galante, Mario (RUG): The unity of cosmological attractors
Ilgin, Irgan (UvA): It from bit
Jansen, Aron (UU): Anomalous transport
Jefferson, Robert (UvA): Geometry of the infalling causal patch
Kabir, Laurens (UvA): Entanglement shadows
Klein, Remko (RUG): n.a.
Llabrés Llambíes, Eva (UvA): Unravelling holographic entanglement entropy in higher spin gravity
Meszéna, Balázs (UL): Pairing induced superconductivity in holography
Oling, Gerben (UvA): Warped conformal field theories
Papadoulaki, Olga (UU): Liouville Theory and the $S_{1}/Z_{2}$ Orbifold
Penas, Victor Alejandro (RUG): Exploring double field theory
Pires, Luis (RU): In search of general relativity or: How I learned to stop worrying and understood that not everything is what it seems to be
Plantz, Nick (UU): Holography for elementary bosons
Poovuttikul, Napat (UL): Topological entanglement entropy, ground state degeneracy and holography
Säterskog, Petter (UL): Bloch-Nordsiek model and non-Fermi liquids
Sybesma, Watse (UU): Black hole samba (at the Copacabana)
van Daal, Tom (Nikhef/VUA): Renormalization group invariants in the minimal supersymmetric standard model
van der Woude, Drian (UU): Effective field theory of large scale structure
van Leuven, Sam (UvA): 2d-4d correspondences
Visser, Manus (UvA):The entropic origin of Newtonian gravity
Welling, Yvette (UL): Signatures of heavy physics in the CMB or UV sensitivity of inflation
Wiechers, Michael (Nikhef/UvA): Dark matter BS

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