The DRSTP Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2015
Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP)
will be held for the third time in collaboration with the
Jorge André Swieca/IFT Summer School
26 January - 6 February 2015
São Paulo, Brazil

General information

Participants are requested to register also at the Brazilian website:

ALL participants should register. The registration for the 3rd Joint Dutch-Brazil School on Theoretical Physics will be on February 2 at the institute from 10:00 to 11:00 am.

The updated list of participants, the school program, and more information are available on the workshop webpage at

Emergency phone numbers (outside Brazil, use prefix 55-11)
IFT in Barra Funda: 3393-7839
Office of secretary Nadia Roque: 3393-7839
Office of Nathan Berkovits: 3393-7818
Office of Eduardo Pontón: 3393-7826

Hotel Orotour: 55-12-3662-2833
São Paulo Hotel Intercity Universe Flat: 3298-6600
Home of Nathan Berkovits: 3283-0649

The telephone numbers can be dialed collect in São Paulo by putting 9090 before the number (for example, 9090-3283-0649). If you dial collect, you will reach a tape recording in Portuguese which will ask for your name and where you are calling from. Just stay on the line, and the call will be connected if someone is home.

Travel documents/vaccines:
Travel documents should be in order before you leave for Brazil. Check the validity of your passport. Your travel agent will give you further information concerning documents, vaccines and visas. According to Professor Berkovits there is no need for vaccinations for yellow fever (update as of 12th November).

For Brazilian visa purposes, please check if you will need a visa to enter Brazil. If you need the visa please contact Nadia Roque,, in order to receive the invitation letter and visa instructions.

Airline flight:
PhD students at Dutch universities are encouraged to book a flight as soon as they have registered.
The airline fare is NOT included in the fee; you must book your own flight. The sooner you book, the cheaper the rates will be.
To make use of transportation arranged by the school to and from the airport we recommend flights:

Sunday 25 January: KL0791
Departure (AMS) 09:55h
Arrival São Paulo/Guarulhos Intl. Airport: 19:05h

Saturday 7 February: KL0792
Departure São Paulo/Guarulhos Intl. Airport: 21:10h
Arrival (AMS+1): 11:50h

See the following websites for further information: (English) (Dutch)

Shuttle service from Guarulhos airport to Campos do Jordão:
Shuttle bus list (update: 23 Jan.) If your name is not on the right column of the list, please contact Nadia Roque immediately.

On January 25 at 20:30h a shuttle bus will be ready. The secretary in Brazil, Nadia Roque (cell phone +55 11 9 8233-8671 (from abroad); 982 338 671 (from São Paulo city)), will be waiting at the arrival area in terminal 3 with a plaque-card "DRSTP Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2015 Theoretical High Energy Physics".
Most of the participants are coming on the flight KL 0791 which arrives at 19:05. If you arrive at a different time and day, but wish to take the shuttle on January 25 at 20:30h, please inform Nadia Roque before January 22 in order to have your name included on the shuttle list. The list will sent by email on January 23. Having your flight number we can check if there is any flight delay.

For your return flight on February 7 the school has provided a bus at 17:00h. This is free of charge.

For students who have made other arrangements, if you need transportation to the airport from the hotel other than the above mentioned time you must take a bus or a taxi. The cost is 39 reais (14 euros) for the bus, or about 1200 reais (38 euros) for a taxi which can be used for up to 3 people.

Accommodation first week (from 25 to 31 January; 6 nights):
You will stay in a triple room at Orotour Garden Hotel in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo. The registration fee in Campos do Jordão will be paid by the institute.

Orotour Garden Hotel
Rua Engenheiro Gustavo Kaiser
165 Vila Natal
Campos do Jordão, São Paulo
tel.: +55 12 3662 2833

..... and on Saturday afternoon 31 January a bus will take you from Campos do Jordão to the hotel in São Paulo (time to be defined, everybody will be informed by email).

Accommodation second week (from 31 to 7 February; 7 nights):

Hotel The Universe Flat
Rua Pamplona 83
Jardim Paulista, São Paulo
tel.: +55 11 3298 6600
fax: +55 11 3298 6602

Lectures will be held at the IFT building in Barra Funda. Route description from Hotel The Universe Flat to the IFT
The subway tickets will be provided by the institute.
The school program will be available on the school webpage two weeks before the activity starts.

Instituto de Física Teorica (IFT) / UNESP
R. Dr. Bento Teobaldo Ferraz 271
Barra Funda
São Paulo

Telephone numbers:
Office of secretary Nadia Roque: 3393-7839 (from abroad use prefix 55-11); (from São Paulo city use 3393-7839); (for a collect call from São Paulo city use 9090-3393-7839).
Nadia's cell phone: +55 11 9 8233-8671 (from abroad); 982 338 671 (from São Paulo city)

Office of Nathan Berkovits: 3393-7818
Office of Eduardo Pontón: 3393-7826

The weather in Campos do Jordao is cool (15-25 celsius) and rainy. So bring a warm sweater and an umbrella.


The conference language will be in English.

Some useful links:
in English:ão_Paulo_(state)

in Dutch:

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