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Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2014
Statistical Physics and Theory of Condensed Matter (SPTCM)
10 - 21 March 2014


Wouter Ellenbroek (Tu/e) and Rembert Duine (UU):
Quantum linear-response theory and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem
Lars Fritz (UU):
Path-integral methods

Henk Stoof (UU):
Renormalization-group theory

Paul van der Schoot (TU/e, UU):
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics

Evening speaker:
Karla de Bruin (Netherlands Forensic Institute):
Bloody physics in forensics

Organizers: Rembert Duine (UU)
tel. +31 (0)30 2532289

Vincenzo Vitelli (UL)
tel. +31 (0)71 5275501

Rianne van den Berg (UvA)
tel. +31 (0)20 5256876

Secretary DRSTP
Wanda Verweij (UU)
tel. +31 (0)30 2535219 / 7549
Registration: Registration fee: € 1.250,--

The registration fee includes a double room for eight nights, all meals, two drinks at dinner and a social event.

DRSTP PhD-students will be given priority in case of overbooking.

An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you after the registration deadline. An invoice will be sent to
your institute.

35% of the registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 4 February 2014.
60% of the registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 18 February 2014.
100% of the registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 25 February 2014.

Students are expected to attend the whole period of the school.
If you wish to stay the weekend you must make your own arrangements.

Social event: You will be taken on a survival workshop in the surroundings of the conference center. Don't forget to bring your hiking shoes!

Venue: Hotel and conference center Landgoed Zonheuvel
Amersfoortseweg 98, 3941 EP Doorn
Tel: 0343-473500
Fax: 0343-473599
Website: [DUTCH] or [ENGLISH]
Route description

A beamer and a blackboard will be available.

Preliminary schedule (vs 17-02-2014) - Participants - Presentations - Literature/Abstracts

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