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The PhD Day is an annual fall event organized by members of the PHD Student Council and is part of the educational program for PhD students. The PhD Day is aimed at exchanging ideas, inviting former PHD students to discuss career options, presenting scientific talks and discussing recent trends in theoretical physics.

Despite the recent relaxation of measures, we are bound to a maximum of 75 persons because of corona-related restrictions. If you want to participate, please sign up as soon as possible! In case the number of participants exceeds 75, we will select participants on first-come-first-serve basis.

The next PhD Day will be held on 5 November 2021

Every two years the DRSTP organizes the symposium Trends in Theory.
This symposium is part of the educational program for our PhD students who are encouraged to present a poster on this occasion. The symposium is an opportunity for all DRSTP members to meet and share their ideas on recent developments in the area of theoretical physics.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the symposium Trends in Theory of 2021 is postponed.
Instead of this symposium there will be offered a (virtual digital) small one-day event in Spring on the 20th May. Details to follow.

The next 2-day symposium will be held in May 2022.


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