Developmental Biology

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Vincent Portegijs

Utrecht University
Kruytgebouw O510
Padualaan 8
3584 CH  Utrecht
The Netherlands

Dr. Vincent Portegijs

Vincent Portegijs has been an employee of the Utrecht University since 2002. On the way to completing his biochemistry degree at the polytechnics in Utrecht, he spent a year in Oakland, California at the group of Frans Kuypers at the Children's Hospital Research Institute (CHORI), studying the role of protein kinase C in the changes of the lipid bi-layer of erythrocytes.

Upon joining the developmental biology group at Utrecht University as a lab technician, Vincent originally studied the effect of 5' UTR complexity on translation with dr. Adri Thomas, as well genotyping mouse mutations involved in mouse limb development and outgrowth. After the departure of the former professor of the group, projects have dealt with splicing, and hormone receptor binding.

As of May 2005, Vincent returned to the developmental biology division as a lab technician, now headed by Prof. Dr. Sander van den Heuvel. Since, he has been dealing with general lab management, molecular cloning and C. elegans work and supervision of practical education. Starting july 2012 Vincent has started combining his work as a lab manager with his PhD research. From 2012 until 2016 he worked on the regulation of spindle positioning in asymmetric cell division using C. elegans as a model system, leading to a first author publication in PLoS Genetics . As of 2016, his project focusses on cell cycle control in the larval stages of C. elegans. In 2019 Vincent succesfully defended his PhD Thesis"Developmental cotrol of the C. elegans cell cycle", and since has continued his research as a Postdoctoral fellow.

Vincent is involved in supervision of the bachelor course “Ontwikkelingsbiologie en genetica II”, and has supervised several first and second year Master students during their practical internships.

In his free time, Vincent enjoys going out in nature for hikes,photography and listening to music.