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Mail Address: Ellen Evers, P.O. Box 80086, 3508 TB, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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Student internships:

Agent-based models of primate social behaviour.

If you are a master student who is interested in studying social cognition and behaviour of primates with computer simulation models, I'd be happy to get in contact with you about a possible internship. For more detailed information, email me or come by.


Agent-based models of animal behaviour - from micro to macro .. and back!
This lecture is part of the course Brain and Behaviour for master students of Neuroscience and Cognition. Here's all the material I show(ed) during the lecture (you best "save target as"):

lecture - 2008 [pdf] birds-movie [flv]
fish-movie [avi]
emergence-movie [avi]


I am interested in how social cognitive capabilities of animals (e.g. macaques) can effect the animals' organization and characteristics on a higher level: the group. Small changes in the behavioural rules of interacting (artificial) individuals can result in a qualitatively different social, hierarchical or spatial group structure. Furthermore, how social knowledge is aquired, processed and retrieved by the animal may result in different (social) behaviour and can in this way also shape group level properties. I am studying these aspects with agent-based models to gain further insights about underlying principles in social (primate) cognition.

Further reading:
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2007-now : PhD student at Behavioural Biology, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
2004-2007: MSc in Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics, University Utrecht, the Netherlands
2000-2004: Biomathematics, University Greifswald, Germany

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