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Before your visit

Please send the title and abstract of your talk to the ITP secretariat, for announcement purposes.
Send your travel itinerary to your host and indicate whether you will need a hotel reservation.
The secretary will send a confirmation e-mail and directions to the hotel.

Click here for an informative video about the Netherlands.
Warning: a very fast talking narrator.

If you need to make your own hotel reservation, there are several options:

NH Centre
Hotel Mitland
Malie Hotel
Apollo Hotel Utrecht City Centre
Gallery Guesthouse
Cozy Cottage (Science Park campus)
Hotel de Admiraal
B&B Chambres-en-Ville
B&B Gast-en-Verblijf
Hostel Strowis

Also see:

During your visit

When you arrive at our institute please contact the secretary in room 7.13.
You will be asked to fill in a short form. Office space will be available during your visit.

After your visit

The secretary will send you a reimbursement form including instructions on how to submit your
travel documents. If you haven't received payment within 30 days, please get in touch with
the financial manager, Joost van Zee.