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General information

Research at the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITF in Dutch) in Utrecht covers high energy physics (elementary particle physics, quantum gravity, string theory), statistical physics (granular matter, chaos theory, critical phenomena) and condensed matter physics (superconductivity, Bose-Einstein condensation, quantum Hall effect, quantum computing, quantum magnetism). The institute offers the opportunity to students to enter a PhD program in theoretical physics. A PhD generally takes four years. PhD students are required to take a number of courses, almost always in the context of the Dutch Research School for Theoretical Physics. They act as teaching assistants for about ten percent of their working time (usually some form of tutoring in the theoretical courses) and are paid by the institute.

Undergraduate students who are interested in joining one of the research groups as a PhD student (OIO/AIO), should not write to the secretariat, but contact the individual ITP staff member(s) in their field of interest directly. For further information, check out recent preprints, publications and the latest annual report on our research webpage. Note that PhD students can only be hired when an ITP staff member agrees to act as their thesis advisor.
When writing a letter, please state the area of research you are interested in and provide a short curriculum vitae.
Information about surface and electronic mail addresses can be found on the ITP People pages.

The Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics, a consortium uniting the existing institutes for Theoretical Physics of the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and Utrecht University, has regular openings for postdoctoral and PhD positions.
Check the current offers at: http://www.d-itp.nl/about/vacancies-d-itp/