NWO Vici grant for Rembert Duine 20190226

NWO has awarded Rembert Duine with a 1,5 million euro Vici grant for his "Fluid Electronics" proposal. This research develops the theoretical description of recently-developed electrical devices that are made of materials that are so pure that the electrons behave as a viscous fluid – analogous to honey. Based on this theory, the analogues of such fluids and, surprisingly, black holes, are exploited to propose energy-efficient devices. More info here.

2 Mio EUR for new NWO Program with Cristiane Morais Smith

NWO has approved the launch of the new program Atomic Quantum Simulators 2.0:- Taming Long-range Interactions. In this program Cristiane de Morais Smith and and researchers from UvA, Radboud University, and TU/e will study atoms, ions and molecules to a near-zero temperature, where quantum mechanics reigns. More info here.

NWO Projectruimte grant for René van Roij

René van Roij received one of the ten Projectuimte grants from NWO for his proposal Iontronics driven by peristaltic pumps and periodic potentials. A PhD student will be hired to explore how ion fluxes can be driven optimally through smart nano-channel geometries in order to make portable artificial kidneys, to desalinate sea water cheaply, and to harvest more blue energy from river- and seawater. More info here.

NWO Start-Up grant for Joost de Graaf

One of the seven Physics and Chemistry NWO Start-UP grants was awarded to Joost de Graaf for his proposal regarding the movement of micro-organisms in slimey liquids. More info here.

René van Roij appointed new ITP director, Stefan Vandoren new Head of the Physics Department

René van Roij was appointed by the dean as the new Scientific Director of the ITP, starting May 1st. Stefan Vandoren, whose second term as ITP Director just ended, was appointed Head of the Physics Department, starting July 1st.

NWO Start-Up grant for Thomas Grimm

Thomas Grimm was awarded an NWO Start-UP grant. His proposal on Quantum Black Holes was one of 11 projects awarded in the first round of this new NWO programme that is derived from the Physics and Chemistry Sector Plan.  More info here.

Bram Bet explains his PhD research on Radio 1

On March 3 2018 Bram Bet was a guest at the NPO Radio 1 show dr Kelder en Co hosted by Jort Kelder, to explain the nature of his PhD research and applications. Watch the show here. (in Dutch)

Paul van der Schoot in Nature Communications with Hyperstretched DNA paper

In a new Nature Communications paper Paul van der Schoot with TU/e and VU colleagues report the discovery of a new form of DNA they call Hyperstretched DNA, which is twice the normal lenght. Theoretically predicted by Van Der Schoot with TU/e colleagues, it was confirmed at the VU by experiments by using a combination of force- and fluorescence microscopy.

First mathematical network model for the ‘Battle of the Sexes’

As part of the UU Complex Systems Studies, Joris Broere, Vincent Buskens, Jeroen Weesie & Henk Stoof have published a mathematical model for the way social networks influence conflicts of interest in Scientific Reports. More info here.

Shell Graduation Prize for Enea Mauri

Enea Mauri was awarded the Shell Graduation Prizes in Physics for his master thesis written at the ITP under supervision of Henk Stoof. Enea is currently a PhD student in Stoof's group. More info here.

Robbert Dijkgraaf Essay Award 2017 won by Drian van der Woude

An essay on science and "alternative facts" written by ITP PhD student Dria van der Woude has won the 2017 Robbert Dijkgraaf Essay award. More info here. The essay can be found here.

ITP 'a jewel among theoretical physics research institutes world wide'; Dutch Research School for Theoretical Physics ‘excellent and of great added value'

The ITP and The Dutch Research School for Theoretical Physics, which is coordinated by the ITP were recently reviewed by international review committee led by Prof. Daan Frenkel from Cambridge University. Both the ITP and the DRSTP were granted a rating of ‘excellent’ for all criteria: quality, relevance and viability. More info here. 

Stefan Vandoren talk on Black Holes at Betweter festival

As part of the Betweter Festival in Utrecht, Stefan Vandoren will give a public talk on Black Holes on September 29.

Journal of Chemical Physics Editor's choice for Van der Schoot, Van Roij, Samin, Everts

The article A Landau-de Gennes theory for hard colloidal rods: Defects and tactoids  was chosen as a 2016 highlight and Editor's Choice by The Journal of Chemical Physics

Paul van der Schoot on cover PRL

The Paul van der Schoot article Compression and Reswelling of Microgel Particles after an Osmotic Shock was featured on the cover of Volume 119, issue 9 of Physical Review Letters.

Rembert Duine on cover NTvN

The cover of the august 2017 edition of the Dutch Journal of Physics features Rembert Duine in an article on black-hole-horizon analogues in magnetic systems. https://www.ntvn.nl/2017/8/#

VENI Grant for Wilke van der Schee

Wilke van der Schee has received an NWO Veni grant for his proposal. "Black hole horizons and the quark-gluon plasma" The grant will allow Van der Schee to decelop his research at the ITP Utrecht for three years.

Rubicon Grant for Benedetta Flebus

Benedetta Flebus has won a NWO Rubicon grant for her proposal "The magnetic charm of topological defects", allowing her to spend two years at the University of California investigating how topological defects in magnetic materials can be used to efficiently transmit information in the classical and quantum mechanical regimes.

Paper on "quantum simulator"by Morais Smith and colleagues published and reviewed in Nature Physics

The paper Experimental realization and characterization of an electronic Lieb lattice written by colleagues from the Debye Institute with Cristiane de Morais Smith and her PhD-students Sander Kempkes and Guido van Miert, was published and reviewed by Nature Physics. More information here.

Watse Sybesma winner of Sciencebattle

Sciencebattle (www.sciencebattle.nl) is a competition where four Ph.D. students compete on stage. The main objective is: Who succeeds best in communicating the essence of his or her research to a general audience in 10 minutes? The winner is chosen via a weighted consultation of: an expert, a jury chosen from the audience members and the received applause in decibels. Watse won by telling the audience about his research on how black hole physics can help studying exotic matter. Interested? Sunday 14th of May there is another session (in Dutch) at the schouwburg in Utrecht at noon.

Simulation of black holes on an electronic chip theorized by Duine et al.

Rembert Duine together with Chilean colleagues Roldán-Molina and Nunez, have shown that black holes can be simulated on electronic chips. The idea is to use the interaction between spin-polarized current and magnetization dynamics to implement black-hole and white-hole horizons for magnons. More info here. Article link here. Volkskrant coverage here. (In Dutch.)

Mildred Dresselhaus Award for Christiane Morais Smith

ITP's Cristiane Morais Smith has been honered with the Mildred Dresselhaus Award 2016. The award has been established in 2013 to promote outstanding female scientists. The awardees are invited to the Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging Hamburg for six months.

NWO TOP subsidy for research on ultra-thin semiconductors for Henk Stoof et al.

Henk Stoof and Daniël Vanmaekelbergh (Debye Institute) received a 780 k€ NWO TOP subsidy with Laurens Siebbeles from TU Delft. They will use the subsidy to conduct research into the optical and electronic characteristics of ultra-thin materials, also known as ‘two dimensional’ materials. Intelligent use of these characteristics may eventually enable the researchers to contribute to applications such as more efficient LED lighting and photovoltaic cells. More info here.

ERC Consolidator Grant for Rembert Duine

Rembert Duine received a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant worth more than 1.5 million Euros for his proposal Spin Transport Beyond Electrons, to facilitate his work on spin waves.

Honorary appointment and medal for Gerard 't Hooft

Gerard 't Hooft has been appointed as FIAS Senior Fellow Laureatus in Frankfurt am Main on September 28, 2016. The new FIAS Senior Fellow Laureatus title was installed by FIAS and STIFTUNG GIERSCH to honor scientists for their groundbreaking research in a FIAS related field of science.  
In addition, professor 't Hooft received the Niels Bohr Institute Medal of Honour on November 30, 2016. This medal is awarded annually to a particularly outstanding researcher who is working in the spirit of Niels Bohr: International cooperation and exchange of knowledge.

PRL cover for Soligno, Dijkstra, van Roij

Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 258001 (2016)The cover of the June 24 (2016)  issue of Physical Review Letters features a graphical representation of research by PhD student Giuseppe Soligno (ITP) and his supervisors Marjolein Dijkstra (DINS) and Rene van Roij (ITP). In their Letter in this issue the authors present calculations of the adsorption of nanocubes on fluid-fluid interfaces. The interface deformations generated by the cubes is predicted to drive a self-assembly process into two-dimensional hexagonal and (graphene-like) honeycomb lattices of the cubic particles.


NWO Vidi Grant for Carmine Ortix

Carmine Ortix has been awarded a Vidi grant by NWO in the 2015 round for his proposal "Shaping nanomaterials for future electronics". The award allows Ortix, who is currently spending a long term research visit at the ITP on a DFG grant, to expand his research on quantum effects in curved semiconductor nanomembranes.

Rembert Duine appointed as professor at TU/e

ITP’s Rembert Duine has been appointed parttime professor of “Theory for spin-based nanoelectronics” at the Department of Applied Physics of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Duine will be member of the group Physics of Nanostructures and will collaborate with his experimental colleagues in this group on spintronics and magnetism. As a result of this collaboration, a FOM projectruimte was granted to Henk Swagten (TU/e) and Rembert Duine for the proposal “Skyrmionics”. The appointment strengthens the connection between Utrecht and Eindhoven as envisioned in the strategic alliance between these universities.

First Prize NTvN competition for Mathijs Janssen

PhD candidate Mathijs Janssen of the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP) was awarded the First Prize in the NTvN (see https://www.ntvn.nl/2016/3/winnaars-ntvn-prijsvraag/) competition for PhD students for his article with the title "(B)lauwe Energie". His article was, according to the jury, very well-structured, clear yet deep, and directly linked to applications. Apart from eternal fame the prize consists of 1000 euros. Congratulations to Mathijs! Actually also the second prize (750 euro) of this national competition went to a (former) PhD student of the ITP. Vivian Jacobs wrote a crystal clear article on the connections between string theory and condensed matter with the title "Dirac-halfmetalen met holografische wisselwerking" Mathijs' and Vivian's articles will be published in the March and April 2016 issues of the NTvN, respectively.

New ITP Staff member: Thomas Grimm

Lars FritzStarting September 1st 2015, Thomas Grimm will be appointed as new staff member (Associate Professor) at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Utrecht. Thomas’ research is in String Theory and Supergravity, but part of his work also connects to elementary particle physics and cosmology. Coming year he will still be located at the Max Planck Institute in Munich, but from September 2016 onwards, Thomas will be full-time in Utrecht. He will bring one postdoc and two PhD students from his group to Utrecht, and we are looking forward to welcome them at our institute.  

Rembert Duine in Nature Physics

Together with colleagues from Groningen University and the Université de Bretagne Occidentale, ITP's Rembert Duine has found that it is possible to make an electric circuit with a magnetic insulator using spin waves. The findings were published in Nature Physics. Read the UU press release here.

New Kramer professor: Antonio Castro Neto

This fall, professor Antonio Castro Neto will visit the ITP as the 2015 Kramers professor. Prof. Castro Neto is Professor of Physics at Boston University and Director of the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials in Singapore, and one of the leading theorists in the study of graphene and other two dimensional materials. Prof. Castro Neto will teach a Kramers Course on Graphene starting on September 8, 2015.

Marie Curie grant for Sela Samin

Sela Samin has received an Marie Curie Fellowship from the European Commission. The name of the corrsponding project proposal is "COMNACTSS" which stands for "Controlling micro- and nano-channel transport with selective solvation". The grant will allow him to stay two additional years at the ITP to work on this project.

Vidi grant for Enrico Pajer

Enrico Pajer was awarded an NWO Vidi grant for his proposal "The matter in the universe and melted chocolate". More info at the UU News site.

Fom Project for Henk Stoof

Prof. Henk Stoof and Dr Dries van Oosten have received a FOM Projectruimte Grant for their research proposal ‘Shaping the sound of light’. Their objective is to create and study a Bose-Einstein condensate of light. This would be interesting for fundamental research on black holes as well as for practical applications in optoelectronics.

Gerrit Bauer appointed to Donders chair

Prof. Gerrit Bauer (Sendai/TU Delft) has been appointed to the Donders chair. The Donders chair is a fixed-term professorship appointed by the CvB of Utrecht University. Gerrit Bauer is an international authority on quantum transport and spintronics, and well-known for his contributions to the development of magnetoelectronic circuit theory. Bauer’s research is currently focused on  spin caloritronics (the interaction between spin and heat currents) and spin mechanics (the interplay between spin and mechanical motion). He received the Lars Onsager Medal from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2009, and became Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2010 “for exposing the interaction between spin transport, magnetization dynamics, charge and heat transport, and mechanical motion”.

Huge success for ITP in new FOM grants

ITP researchers are involved or leading in a large part of the new programs and projects awarded by FOM.
The program Higgs as a probe and portal, in which Nikhef, VU, RUN, RUG, UL and UU (ITP) are collaborating is led by Eric Laenen and includes a project by Tomislav Prokopec. M€ 2,1 was awarded to this program.
The program Magnon spintronics, in which UU, RUG and TUD are involved, is led by Rembert Duine and received M€ 1,4.
The program Observing the Big Bang: the Quantum Universe and its Imprint on the Sky, includes researched from UL, UvA, UU, RUG en Nikhef, and involves projects by Tomislav Prokopec en Enrico Pajer.
In addition, the project proposals SKYRMIONICS – towards skyrmions for nanoelectronics by Henk Swagten (TU/e) and Rembert Duine  and Emergent quantum states and novel relaxation mechanisms in general quantum quenche by Dirk Schuricht were also awarded
More info here (in Dutch.)

Erik van der Wurff wins Lorentz Thesis Award

Erik van der Wurff has won the 2014 Lorentz Master Thesis Award in Theoretical Physics for his theses Number Fluctuations and Phase Diffusion in a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Light, supervised by Henk Stoof. More info in DUB. (in Dutch). There was also an interesting recent feature in DUB on Henk and Erik.

Visiting Professor: Alexei Starobinsky

Professor Alexei Starobinsky has started his visiting professorship at the ITP. He will be spending three periods at the ITP: November 2014, February 2015 and mid June to mid July 2015. This guest was made possible by a Delta ITP grant for a proposal submitted by Tomislav Prokopec.  

Professor Starobinsky will be teaching a module of the DITP course Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics: Module 3: Cosmological Perturbation Theory and Quantum Effects in Inflation. Lecturer: Alexei Starobinsky (Landau Institute, Moskow). More info on the course can be found at http://www.d-itp.nl/education

NWO Graduate Program awarded to ITP

NWO has awarded the ITP proposal for a Graduate Program for Theoretical Physics with a €850.000,- grant. The grant will be used to appoint four PhD-students, who will be able to individually choose their supervisor and research topic. More info on the NWO Graduate program can be found here. For more info on the application procedure check the vacancies page.

New ITP assistant professor: Enrico Pajer

Lars FritzStarting September, the ITP is again joined by a new assistant professor: Dr. Enrico Pajer. He has been apppointed as part of the D-ITP Gravitation Program. His research interests include cosmology, string theory, particle physics and their mutual interplay. 



Rubicon grant and Laura Bassi Price awarded to Chiara Toldo

Chiara Toldo has received a NWO Rubicon grant for her research proposal "Black holes through the magnifying glass". The grant allows her to investigate the liquid-glass structure of the black hole event horizon and shed light on the microscopic components of black holes in the research group of Prof. F. Denef at Columbia University (NYC). In addition she has been awarded the Italian society of Physics Laura Bassi Price for young researchers.
 Chiara obtained her PhD at the ITP in June 2014, supervised by Stefan Vandoren.

Prof.dr. Paul van der Schoot re-appointed by Stichting Lorentzfonds

The appointment of Prof. Dr. P.A.M.M. van der Schoot to the adjunct chair “Theoretical Physics” at the ITF by the Stichting Lorentzfonds has been renewed starting July 1st 2015. This chair was created by the Stichting Lorentzfonds to promote Theoretical Physics in the Netherlands.

Science and Technology Student Award for ITP BSc student Pieter-Bart Peters

Pieter-Bart Peters, bachelor student in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, has won the Science and Technology Student Award of Utrecht University, TU Eindhoven and UMC Utrecht. His research proposal "Blue Energy", supervised by professor René van Roij, was praised by the jury for its innovative and technically challenging qualities. More info here.

Title of Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion awarded to Bernard de Wit

Because of his outstanding achievements as a scientist and administrator professor Bernard de Wit has been awarded the title of Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion. De Wit is recognized worldwide as one of the leading researchers in the field of supergravity and black holes. He also held important administrative positions both nationally and internationally, and continues to be an inspiration and example for young scientists and students.  More info here.

Foundations of Complex Systems chosen as new UU focus area

The ITP will take a leading role in shaping the new Utrecht University focus area "Foundations of Complex Systems" that will connect scientists from different fields such as Theoretical Physics, mathematics and Epidemiology to study the behaviour of complex systems in nature. UU focus areas are chosen to encourage interdisciplinarity and innovation. More info here.

New ITP assistant professor: Lars Fritz

Lars FritzStarting November 2013, the ITP is again joined by a new assistant professor: Dr. Lars Fritz. He has been apppointed as part of the D-ITP Gravitation Program;. His research interests range from zero to three dimensional (strongly correlated) electronic and bosonic systems. More specifically, he is interested in quantum impurity problems, transport properties of critical systems, (frustrated) spin systems, ultracold atomic systems, and systems with topological order.

New ITP assistant professor: Dirk Schuricht

Dirk SchurichtAs per October 2013, a new assistant professor has joined the ITP. Dr. Dirk Schuricht, who has been appointed as part of the Sectorplan, works in theoretical condensed matter physics. His line of research deals with strongly correlated quantum systems in low dimensions, e.g. quantum wires, carbon nanotubes, quantum impurities or quantum dots. Apart from this he is generally interested in the theoretical description of low-dimensional materials and the manifestations of many-body phenomena in experimental probes, in both the development of theoretical methods and their applications.  

Alessandro Sfondrini wins Vito Volterra prize

Sfondrini receives prizeAlessandro Sfondrini has been awarded the Vito Volterra prize for young researchers by the Italian Physical Society (SIF) during the opening ceremony of the annual SIF conference in Trieste on September 23rd 2013. The prize is awarded yearly in memory of the mathematician and physicist Vito Volterra (1860-1940), who was among the founders of the Italian Physical Society.
Alessandro, who is a doctoral candidate at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Utrecht, has received the prize for his research activity in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, and in particular for his work on integrable structures in the AdS/CFT correspondence under the supervision of prof.dr. Gleb Arutyunov.

Nico van Kampen passes away at 92


It is with sadness that we announce the death of Nico van Kampen (22/06/1921 - 6/10/2013), emeritus professor in Theoretical Physics. Nico van Kampen studied physics at Leiden University, where he earned his PhD in 1952 under professor Kramers. In 1955 he joined the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Utrecht, where he later became a professor until his retirement. The monograph Stochastic processes in physics and chemistry (1981) by Nico van Kampen is considered a classic. Nico van Kampen lived for science and remained very active after his retirement. He is a towering figure in the history of the ITP and Dutch physics in general. He will be missed.

ITP Bachelor student wins Science and Technology Student Award

Dion Hartmann has won the Science and Technology Student Award for his proposal to do bachelor research in spintronics. This award is given in the context of the Utrecht-Eindhoven strategic alliance. Dion will do research under supervision of Dr. Rembert Duine at the ITP, in close interaction with experimental research to be carried out in the Physics of Nanostructures group and the TU Eindhoven. More info here.

NWO VIDI Grant awarded to Umut Gürsoy

An NWO Vidi Grant has been awarded to Umut Gürsoy for his proposal "Wisdom of Black Holes" More info at the NWO and FOM websites.

René van Roij appointed Professor in Soft-Matter Theory

René van Roij, who has been a member of the ITP since 1999, has been appointed to the new Soft-Matter Theory chair at the ITP.




18,3 mln Gravitation Grant awarded to ITP and partners

The Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science has awarded a grant of 18,3 mln to the Delta-Institute for Theoretical Physics: Matter at all Scales proposal as part of the NWO Gravitation Programme. This is a new government program to boost consortia with an excellent scientific research programme that has the potential to make a substantial scientific contribution at the highest international level. The grant will allow theoretical physicists from Utrecht University, the University of Leiden and the University of Amsterdam to collaborate in the new Delta-Institute for Theoretical Physics. More info (in Dutch) at the NWO website, the Science Faculty website and the UU website.

Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker presents the Gravitation award to key scientists of the Delta-ITP. From left to right: Jan de Boer, Henk Stoof, Jet Bussemaker, Erik Verlinde, Gerard 't Hooft, Carlo Beenakker and Koenraad Schalm.

NTvN prize for Jildou Baarsma

Jildou Baarsma was awarded the 3rd prize in the nineteenth NTvN competition for Ph.D. students and recently-graduated Postdocs. Her winning article on Inhomogeneous Superfluids will be published in the april edition of the Dutch Journal of Physics and the award ceremony will take place at Fysica 2013, April 19 2013 in Delft.



New ITP assistant professor: Umut Gürsoy

As per November 2012, the ITP welcomes dr. Umut Gürsoy as a new assistant professor. Dr. Gürsoy,  who was a postdoctoral researcher at the ITP from 2008 to 2010, and has been working at CERN since then, has been appointed as part of the Sectorplan.



Simone Belli wins M. Fontana Prize

The Italian Physical Society has awarded the M. Fontana Prize for a young Soft Matter researcher to Simone Belli, "for his contributions to the thermodynamics of mesophases with relevant results on the effects of size-polydispersity on boardlike particles systems". Simone published this work as
Polydispersity Stabilizes Biaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals, S. Belli, A. Patti, M. Dijkstra, and R. van Roij, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 148303 (2011). More info (in Dutch) here.

NWO Rubicon grant awarded to Maarten van de Meent

Maarten van de Meent, former ITP PhD-student with Gerard 't Hooft, was awarded an NWO Rubicon grant. This grant allows him to spend two years at the General Relativity Group at the University of Southampton working with Leor Barack on the topic of black holes. More info at the NWO website.

New ITP parttime assistant professor: Debabrata Panja

As per June 1st 2012, the ITP welcomes dr. Debabrata Panja as a new parttime assistant professor. Dr. Panja has been appointed to reïnforce research into Soft Condensed Matter, as part of the Sectorplan. Dr. Panja, who is also a research scientist at Akzo-Nobel Sassenheim, has a field of interest that includes, among other things, polymers and polymer dynamics.



Gleb Arutyunov appointed to professor in Exactly Solvable Models in Quantum Field and String Theory

As per June 1st 2012, Gleb Arutyunov has been appointed to the chair in Exactly Solvable Models in Quantum Field and String Theory at the ITP.

Niels Boon wins Molecular Physics Longuet-Higgins Young Author's Prize

Niels Boon has been chosen as the winner of the Molecular Physics Longuet-Higgins Young Author's Prize for 2011. From a large number of nominations, the panel of Editors chose his paper ‘‘Blue energy’ from ion adsorption and electrode charging in sea and river water’, as the winning entry.

Stoof and colleagues observe preformed electron-hole Cooper pairs

Henk Stoof, Marijn Versteegh, Arjon van Lange, and Jaap Dijkhuis report the observation of preformed electron-hole Cooper pairs in a semiconductor in a new article in Physical Review B. More info in an article on the FOM website.

Stefan Vandoren appointed to professor in String Theory and new ITP scientific director

As per May 1st 2012, Stefan Vandoren has been appointed to professor in String Theory at the ITP. Starting the same date, he is also the new ITP scientific director.

Vici-grant awarded to René van Roij

A NWO Vici Grant has been awarded to René van Roij. More info at the NWO and FOM websites.

Veni-grant awarded to Wessel Valkenburg

Dr. Wessel Valkenburg, a former ITP master student, who wrote his Master Thesis under supervision of Tomislav Prokopec, was awarded an NWO Veni grant for his proposal "Het universum: je weet niet wat je ziet!". More information (in Dutch) can be found at the NWO and UU websites. Dr. Valkenburg is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the RWTH in Aachen.

Liquid Matter Conference 2011 poster prize for Niels Boon

The poster “Blue energy” from ion adsorption and electrode charging in sea- and river water by Niels Boon, and co-authored by René van Roij, was chosen out of 800 entries as one of three poster prize winners at the 2011 Liquid Matter Conference.

Paul van der Schoot nominated for Huibregtsen Award 2011

Paul van der Schoot and his colleague Prof. Cor Koning (TUe) have been nominated for the 2011 Huibregtsen Award for their research project "Replacement for a rare metal with an extra bonus". The award ceremony will be held at the 12th Science and Society Night on November 7.

Renate Loll appointed as new ITP scientific director

Succeeding Henk Stoof as ITP Scientific Director, Renate Loll has been appointed as per September 1st.

Henk Stoof succeeds Ieke Moerdijk as Vice-Dean of Research

As per September 1st Henk Stoof has been appointed Vice-Dean of Research of the Science Faculty, succeeding Ieke Moerdijk, who seized the opportunity to start his own research group in Nijmegen with both hands. Read an interview with the new vice-dean here (in Dutch.)

Prof. Bob Evans to teach 2011 Kramers course on Density Functional Theory: Classical and Quantum

Professor Bob Evans (Bristol) has been appointed as ITP Kramers Professor for the period September-December 2011. During his stay at the ITP he will teach a course on the subject of
Density Functional Theory: Classical and Quantum.

Gerard 't Hooft appointed as Distinguished Professor

As per July 1st 2011 Gerard 't Hooft has been appointed Distinguished Professor by the Executive Board of Utrecht University. More info here.

Paul van der Schoot in Nature Nanotechnology

The article Controlling Electrical Percolation in Multi-Component Carbon Nanotube Dispersions by Paul van der Schoot et al. was published in Nature Nanotechnology on April 10 2011. Read the press report here.

Golden Year for Theoretical Physics

2010 turned out to be a Golden Year for the Institute for Theoretical Physics, whose members have been able to attract in excess of 6 Mio € of external research grants from NWO, FOM and the ERC, highlighting the continued appreciation for the ITP's program of innovative, fundamental research.
In conjunction with the upcoming new professorships made available through the national Sector Plan Physics and Chemistry, this will provide new and exciting opportunities for research, teaching and outreach in the years ahead.

Lomonosov Large Gold Medal awarded Gerard 't Hooft

The Russian Academy of Sciences has awarded Large Gold Medals to Gerard 't Hooft and Spartak Beliayev. The Lomonosov Large Gold Medal, - the top award of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was instituted in 1956. Two medals are awarded every year, one to a Russian researcher, and the other one, to a foreign scientist.

Shell awards stipends to ITF Master Students

This year's award ceremony for top masters students in Theoretical Physics took place on Dec 8 at the new Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam. As a reward for their excellent performance, eleven students nationwide, among them ITP's Ivano Lodato, Misha Veldhoen, Yang Lu and Wilke van der Schee, received a stipend worth €2000,- each from the hands of Shell Chief Scientist Dr. Dirk Smit. In his speech, Smit highlighted the future career possibilities Shell offers to highly skilled PhD students trained in Theoretical Physics, and his company's stake in the continued excellence of their education. The award forms part of a joint initiative with the Landelijke Onderzoekschool Theoretische Natuurkunde (LOTN), whose Scientific Director Prof. Renate Loll of the ITP also spoke at the event.

NWO Veni grant awarded to Igor Khavkine

Igor Khavkine, who has been working at the ITP as a postdoc since January 2009, has been awarded a three year Veni-grant by NWO, for his proposal What is quantum space-time geometry?

Prof. Morais Smith new fellow UCU

Prof. Cristiane Morais Smith was appointed the new Fellow to represent Math and Physics from the Science Faculty in the University College and therefore addresses all staff members in the entire Physics & Astronomy Department and Mathematics Department.

NWO Veni grant awarded to Nabamita Banerjee

Nabamita Banerjee has been awarded a three year Veni-grant by NWO. Nabamita, who currently works at the ITP as a postdoc, will start her Veni project Black Holes - Fundamentals and Applications at the ITP in september 2010.

Exhibition on Gerard 't Hooft at Utrecht University Museum

The University Museum is hosting an exhibition on Gerard 't Hooft and topics in theoretical physics, from April 24th 2010 until May 8th 2011.

FOM Projectruimte 2009 grants awarded to ITP members

In addition to Bernard de Wit's project Statistical versus thermodynamic black hole entropy, which was awarded in December 2009, the FOM Projectruimte proposals Spin drag in Bose gases, by Peter van der Straten, Rembert Duine and Henk Stoof, and Ironing out the quantum wrinkles of spacetime, by Renate Loll have been granted by FOM. More info here.

ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Bernard de Wit

The European Research Council has awarded an advanced Research Grant Bernard de Wit for his proposal "Supersymmetry: a window to non-perturbative physics". Under the EU's 7th Research Framework Programme, the ERC supports projects aiming at making important discoveries in any domain. More info here.

NWO Vici grants awarded to Gleb Arutyunov and Stefan Vandoren

Two members of the ITP staff were awarded a NWO Vici grant 2010; Gleb Arutyunov for his proposal "IJkvelden uit kwantumsnaren", and Stefan Vandoren for his proposal "De meetkunde van de supersnaren". NWO press release here.

NewSpin Confererence in the snow

At the start of January Rembert Duine and Henk Stoof organized a conference called "NewSpin: Spin Manipulation in Condensed Matter and Cold Atoms" on behalf of the Institute for Theoretical Physics. In this conference national and international experts on the subject of Spintronics, Magnetism and Cold Atoms were brought together. This interdisciplinary character proved succesful, judging by the many enthusiastic responses and the large amount of participants (about 80), who defied the snow to come to Utrecht and filled the "Planetenzaal" in the Minnaert building to the brim. The program consisted of  20 talks by invited speakers, a postersession and a conference dinner in "Stadskasteel Oudaen". Because of the great succes of the conference options for a follow-up conference are now being explored. More info here.

Superfluidity in the News

NWO reports on Koos Gubbels' PhD-research on Superfluidity on their website.

Koos Gubbels wins 2010 NTvN-award

Koos Gubbels is one of the winners of the 14th NTvN-awards. This annual award is given by the Dutch Magazine for Physics for the best article by a PhD-student about his PhD-research in the field of Physics.


Renate Loll appears in "National Wetenschapquiz"

On December 13, prof.dr. Renate Loll appeared on Dutch public television in one of the episodes of the "Nationale Wetenschapsquiz". The episode is available for viewing here. (Prof. Loll appears at 19.19 min.)

NWO Veni grant awarded to Shun-Pei Miao

Shun-Pei Miao has been awarded a three year Veni-grant by NWO, for her proposal "Exploring Quantum Effects from Inflation." Shun-Pei, who currently works at the CECS institute in Chili, is expected to start her Veni project at the ITP in september 2010.

ITP Master student Bas Fagginger Auer wins NWO GQT student prize

The 2008/2009 GQT student prize for the NWO-Research cluster Geometry and Quantum Theory has been awarded to former ITP master student Bas Fagginger Auer for his Master Thesis "Spatially homogeneous universes" supervised by R. Loll.

"Spin Drag in Noncondensed Bose Gases" by Rembert Duine and Henk Stoof discussed in Viewpoint Commentary in Physics

The paper "Spin Drag in Noncondensed Bose Gases" by R.A. Duine and H.T.C. Stoof was published in Physical Review Letters 103, 170401 (2009), and also selected as Editor's Suggestion and discussed in a Viewpoint Commentary in Physics. More info can be found here.

Prof.dr. Renate Loll appointed as Perimeter Institute Distinguished Research Chair

The Perimeter Institute, based in Canada, has appointed Renate Loll as a Distinguished Research Chair. Perimeter Institute Distinguished Research Chairs spend extended research visits at Perimeter each year, becoming part of Perimeter’s scientific community while retaining permanent positions at their home institutions.

Shell Stipends awarded to three ITF Master students

Marcin Dukalski, Stijn van Tongeren and Chris Wever have been awarded Shell Stipends for Theoretical Physics. With these stipends, worth € 2000,-, and awarded each year to the best master students in theoretical physics, Shell intends to draw attention to future career possibilities for graduates in international companies such as Shell. All three students currently hold PhD positions, Stijn and Chris at the ITF and Marcin at the TU Delft.

Prof.dr. Paul van der Schoot appointed by Stichting Lorentzfonds

Prof. Dr. P.A.M.M. van der Schoot has been appointed to the adjunct chair “Theoretical Physics” at the ITF by the Stichting Lorentzfonds starting July 1st 2009. This chair was created by the Stichting Lorentzfonds to promote Theoretical Physics in the Netherlands.
Dr. Paul van der Schoot works at the Theory of Polymers and Soft Matter Group at the Faculty of Technical Physics at Eindhoven University. He is a theoretician with a broad interest and a strong background in statistical fysics, fysical chemistry and biofysics. He specializes in the application of statistical theory to chemically complex soft and biomatter. Among other things, Prof. Van der Schoot will be teaching extracurricular classes on the topics of self-organization of macromolecules and viruses.

Utrecht-Asia Visiting Professorships Grant 2009 awarded to proposal by prof.dr. Eric Laenen

Prof.dr. Eric Laenen has been awarded the Utrecht-Asia Visiting Professorships grant 2009 for his proposal to bring prof.dr. Rohini M. Godbole from Bangalore, India to Utrecht University. This means prof.dr. Godbole will come to Utrecht in 2010 as a visiting professor to contribute to the post-graduate research and teaching of the ITF by giving lectures and/or masterclasses.

Gleb Arutyunov wins Journal of Physics A Best Paper Prize 2009

The paper The off-shell symmetry algebra of the light-cone AdS5 × S5 superstring, by Gleb Arutyunov, Sergey Frolov, Jan Plefka and Marija Zamaklar has won the 2009 Journal of Physics A Best Paper Prize. Papers were assessed by the criteria of novelty, achievement, potential impact and presentation.  

University day 28 March 2009

Prof. Bernard de Wit and prof. Thomas Peitzmann (Subatomic Physics UU) will deliver the morning presentation at the Utrecht University day on particle physics and the LHC. More information can be found here.

ITP staff participates in new FOM programs

Dr. Rene van Roij and Dr. Rembert Duine participate in FOM programs that were granted recently. Van Roij takes part in the program "Control over functional nanoparticle solids" led by Prof. Van Blaaderen (Utrecht). Duine is part of the consortium led by Prof. Rasing (Nijmegen) that aims at "Controlling spin dynamics in magnetic nanostructures". More information can be found here.

FOM Raad van Bestuur

Prof. Renate Loll has been appointed as of 1 March 2009 as member of the FOM Raad van Bestuur.


Descartes-Huygens award for dr. Stefan Vandoren - 2 December 2008

Stefan Vandoren has been awarded the Descartes-Huygens award. This award enables him to conduct research for 6 months in France.

Humboldt-Forschungspreis for prof. Henk van Beijeren
- 12 November 2008

Prof. Henk van Beijeren has been awarded the Humboldt-Forschungs award for his achievements in physics research and education. This award will enable him to conduct research at a German institution for one year.

Shell stipendia for nine dutch Master students - 22 October 2008

On Thursday, 16 October 2008 four ITP students (Ted van der Aalst, Wouter Beugeling, Kiril Hristov and Martijn Mink - not on picture) received a stipendium from Shell. More info can be found here.

Daniele Oriti receives Sofja Kovalevskaja Award - 13 October 2008

Daniele Oriti has been awarded the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award 2008 for his poject 'Quantising gravity: new insights into the fundamental nature of space and time and the early universe'. With this award he can build up his own research group at MPI, Potsdam. More information can be found here.

Symposium in honour of Henk van Beijeren - September 2008

On 28 November a symposium 'Statistical Physics out of Equilibrium' will be held in honour of Prof.dr. Henk van Beijeren. More information (program and registration) can be found here.

Microscopic models of quantum spacetime - 11 September 2008

From 15 - 19 September the informal workshop Microscopic models of quantum spacetime will be held at the ITP Utrecht.

ITP Summerschool 2008 - 18 August 2008

The ITP Summerschool will be held from 18 - 29 August 2008. More information can be found here.

Workshop IGST 11 - 15 August 2008

From 11 - 15 August 2008 the workshop 'Integrability in Gauge and String Theory' was held in Utrecht. More information can be found on the webpage: http://www.science.uu.nl/IGST08/

FOM Projectruimte for three ITP proposals - 19 June 2008

FOM has granted three Projectruimte-proposals to ITP staffmembers:
- Prof.dr. Renate Loll: 'A reality check for quantum cosmology'
- Prof.dr. Henk Stoof: 'Ultracold Fermi gases and neutron stars'
- dr. Rene van Roij (together with Prof.dr. Marjolein Dijkstra of the Debye Institute): 'Do smectic nuclei exist?'.

In 2007 one FOM-projectruimte proposal was granted to ITP staff;
- dr. Tomislav Prokopec: 'What curves the space-time at large scales? The quest for the origin of dark energy of the universe'

More information can be found on the website of FOM.

ITP rides the lightning
- July 2008

More info here (in dutch).

ERC grant for Rembert Duine
- 30 May 2008

Dr. Rembert Duine has been awarded a Starting Grant by the European Research Council (ERC) for his proposal 'New Frontiers in Spintronics'.

Symposium in honour of Prof. Jan Smit
- 10 April 2008

There will be a one day international symposium, A passion for fields & lattices, in honour of Prof. Jan Smit (FOM, UvA and adjunct professor UU) to be held in Amsterdam on Monday, 25 August 2008. For further details look on: http://www.science.uva.nl/research/itf/smitfest/PassionPoster.pdf

Visit Prof. A.H. MacDonald - 19 February 2008

In April 2008 Prof. A.H. MacDonald (UT Austin) will visit the Institute for Theoretical Physics as Kramers professor. Prof. MacDonald's expertise is condensed-matter theory. He is famous for his work on the Quantum Hall Effect, for which he received the 2007 Buckley prize of the American Physical Society. His lectures will be part of the Master Course Quantum Fields in Condensed Matter (NS-TP528M) on the topic of Quantum Hall Bilayers and Exciton Condensation. Complementary lectures will be given by R.A. Duine, H.T.C. Stoof, and C. de Morais Smith. For more information see: