ENRAGEing Ideas  Utrecht, 6 - 8 Sept. 2007

ENRAGEing Ideas

ENRAGEing Ideas is a two-day ("long-weekend") symposium at Utrecht University, highlighting a number of diverse contributions to our theoretical understanding of the fundamental, physical nature of spacetime and matter, which enrich and sometimes challenge current knowledge (and, occasionally, enrage some part of the community).
The main themes of the meeting are random geometry, gravity and the quantum world. Primary sponsor of the event is ENRAGE, the European Network on RAndom GEometry. Speakers have been asked to put their case to a broader audience of theoretical physicists, at a level which can be understood and appreciated by advanced graduate students. Plenty of time will be set aside for in-depth discussion and interaction among participants, including a banquet on Saturday night. The idea is to make this a pleasurable occasion, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Note that Thursday, September 6 is set aside for the internal midterm meeting of the members of the ENRAGE network. The public part of the symposium will start on Friday morning, September 7, and last to Saturday evening, September 8, with recommended arrival and departure dates Thursday, September 6 and Sunday, September 9 for those who come from outside the country. You must register before August 31 if you would like to participate in ENRAGEing Ideas.

Conference venue will be the "Boothzaal" of the new University Main Library on the Uithof campus of Utrecht University. Utrecht is easily reachable from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport by a frequent, direct half-hour train connection. Travel directions can be found on the contact page.