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13th biennial symposium of the Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics

The symposium is organized to give an overview of research activities in theoretical physics in the Netherlands. We look forward to welcoming all members of the DRSTP on this occasion.

Date: Thursday 16 + Friday 17 May 2019
Target group: Interested non-DRSTP members, as well as Master's students, are also invited to attend; the only limitation is the capacity of the accommodation at the hotel.
A selected number of Master's students may participate free of charge. Interested? Please contact your local member of the DRSTP Educational Board.
Language: English
Lecturers and abstracts: Theme 1
Kyrilo Bondarenko (UL) - Testable resolutions of the “beyond Standard Model problems’’
Anastasia Borschevsky (RUG) - Theoretical investigations of the heaviest elements
Klaas Landsman (RU Nijmegen) - Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Emergence
Samaya Nissanke (UvA) - TBA

Theme 2
Laura Filion (UU) - Defects in colloidal crystals of hard particles
Jean-Sébastien Caux (UvA) - Beyond Open Access: SciPost
Jácome Armas (UvA) - Hydrodynamics: from black holes to biomembranes
Vedran Dunjko (UL) - Machine learning and Quantum Information Processing: the match and the hype

Evening speaker: Marika Taylor (University of Southampton) – Diversity in Physics
Registration: Registration form
Registration fee:
€ 225,- (which includes a double room for one night and meals)
€ 275,- (which includes a single room for one night and meals)
€   95,- (which includes meals for one day)

The full registration fee will be charged for cancellations after 9 May 2019.

After the closing date you will receive an e-mail from the secretary confirming your registration.

Registration for DRSTP PhD students and invited Master's students is free of charge. Note: Master's students in Theoretical Physics are especially welcome to attend the symposium. A limited number of Master's students can participate free of charge. Interested? Please contact your local member of the DRSTP Educational Board.

Students are expected to share a room.

DRSTP PhD students will receive priority in case of overbooking.
Program: 16 + 17 May 2019 Program
Participants: List of participants
Posters: List of posters

Information concerning posters and 1 minute poster presentations
Venue: Mooirivier
Oude Oever 10
7722 VE Dalfsen
the Netherlands
telephone: +31 (0)529 478777
Route description - Congress rooms - Floor plan hotel
Check-out time 10 a.m.
Shuttle service: There wil be shuttle buses from Dalfsen Station to the venue on Thursday at 9h30, 10h00 and 10h30.
On Friday there will be buses to Dalfsen station at 16h00 and 16h30.
Organizers: Eric Bergshoeff (RUG) (Chairman); Juan Rojo (VUA); Ana Achúcarro (UL); Lars Fritz (UU); Jorinde van de Vis (Nikhef); Joost van Zee (Manager)

Registration/financial matters will be handled by the DRSTP Bureau:

Olga Sobrino Gutierrez, Secretary
tel: +31 (0)30 2535916

Joost van Zee, Manager
tel: +31 (0)30 2537549

Last update: 21-03-2019, 13.13