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The Nico van Kampen Colloquium in Theoretical Physics

Time: 16h00-17h00 (coffee/tea at 15h45)

Locations: Koningsberger Building, (KBG), lecture rooms ATLAS, COSMOS or PANGEA, Budapestlaan 4a-b, Utrecht
Willem C. van Unnikgebouw, lecture room 211, Heidelberglaan 2, Utrecht
Ruppert Building, lecture rooms Wit or Blauw, Leuvenlaan 21, Utrecht
Educatorium, Theatron, Leuvenlaan 19, Utrecht

Organizer: Tomislav Prokopec

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Note that according to the new rule, students are required to attend 16 colloquia to complete the course.
Furthermore, supervisors in the second year should write colloquium attendance as studentís (bi-)weekly activity.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018
Speaker: Samaya Nissanke ( Nijmegen ) 
Time & Place: 16h00-17h00 (coffee/tea at 15h45) in UNNIK 211


Wednesday, 21 February 2018
The Nico van Kampen Colloquium in Theoretical Physics
Speaker: Joost de Graaf ( UU )
Time & Place: 16h00-17h00 in Minnaert 202
Title: tba

Abstract: tba

Preliminary Schedule 2018


9. Jan 10, W02, host: Cristiane Morais Smith; speaker: Giuseppe Mussardo(SISSA, Trieste), Location: RUPPERT 042

10. Jan 24, W04, NO COLLOQUIUM (FOM physics@VELDHOVEN: 23-24 Jan 2018)

Feb 5, W6 Mon, Semester I & Quarter 3 begin

11. Feb 7, W06, host: Gerard 't Hooft &  T. Prokopec, speaker: Samaya Nissanke (RU Nijmegen) , UNNIK 211

12. Feb 21, W08, host: Rembert Duine; speaker: Marco Polini (IIT, Genova), Location: MIN 202

13. Mar 07, W10, host: Rene van Roij ; speaker: Joost de Graaf (UU), Location: RUPPERT 042

14. Mar 21, W12, host: Stefan Vandoren; speaker, Location: RUPPERT PAARS

15. Apr 04, W14, host: Umut Gursoy; speaker:, Location: KBG ATLAS

     Apr 16, W16: EXAM PERIOD

16. Apr 18, W16, host: Rene van Roij; speaker:, Location: KBG ATLAS

     Apr 23 Mon 2018, W17: Quarter 4 begins

17. May 02, W18, host: Erik Laenen , speaker: , Location: KBG PANGEA

18. May 16, W20, host: Lars Fritz; speaker: , Location: KBG PANGEA

19. May 30, W22, host: Thomas Grimm; speaker: , Location: KBG PANGEA

20. Jun 13, W24, host: Dirk Schuricht; speaker, Location: KBG PANGEA
     Jun 25, W26: EXAM WEEK 21.
     Jun 27, W26, host: Enrico Pajer; speaker: , Location: (exam week)

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