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Mandatory leave days 2012
The Faculty Council has approved the following mandatory leave days for 2012: 18 May (Friday after Liberation day), 24, 27, 28 and 31 December.

Change to leave version 2012: deadline 6 January
Basic leave according to the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities is 232 hours for a full-time contract. The standard working week is 40 hours for everybody; this means that you will accrue an additional 96 hours of leave per year. If you want to work less than 40 hours per week, you must make this known before 6 January 2012 via the
optional version form (information in Dutch). All of the above applies to part-time employees proportionately.


Support programme ERC Advanced

3 January: Internal Coaching Mosiac

5 January: NWO

12 January: 
Marie Curie ITN

31 January: Mosaic

Articles from DUB
(UU Digital Magazine)

Birthday interview Gerard ’t Hooft

Physicist Alfons van Blaaderen about too much focus on valorisation

Science starts severance scheme

Artificial turf in Minnaert pond

Science Board agrees to transfer of groups to Geosciences

English summary  

A summary of the news from our Faculty of the period 15 November - 6 December.

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Faculty New Year's reception 

Mark your calendar: all employees of the Faculty of Science are cordially invited to the Faculty New Year's reception on Thursday 12 January. You are all welcome in the cafeteria of the Minnaert building.  


Johan Jeuring Teaching Fellow at this Faculty

The Executive Board has appointed a Professor as Teaching Fellow at each of the 7 faculties as well as University College Utrecht. Johan Jeuring of Computing Science was appointed Teaching Fellow at the Faculty of Science per 1 September 2011. The eight appointed excellent Professors will play a leading role in innovation at their faculties for two years.  


Interview with Vice Dean Rens Voesenek: education in Beta2015

Developments regarding Beta2015 have been made at a great pace since the adoption of the faculty's new profile. For instance, some research groups will already transfer to another faculty or university at the start of 2012. We asked Vice Dean Rens Voesenek what the consequences of these recent developments are for Science students.


FOM grants for Researchers

Research groups of Soft Condensed Matter and Cell Biology of Utrecht University have been awarded a grant from the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter. In collaboration with other universities, the Utrecht scientists will conduct research in two new programmes regarding light and communication between brain cells. Both research programmes have been awarded a FOM grant of 2 million euros.  


Veni, vidi, vieze snor (More in English)

Nathaniel Martin was born and raised in Canada, but love (in the form of a Dutch wife) brought him to the Netherlands. There he successfully acquired a Veni and Vidi personal grant (as well as a daughter). He is currently working very hard as an assistant professor in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology synthesizing new antibiotics.  


Collaboration with TU Eindhoven and UMC  (More in English)

Utrecht University, Eindhoven University of Technology and UMC Utrecht have entered into an alliance covering research and education as well as knowledge transfer and operations management. Bringing together fundamental, technical and clinical expertise, the new partnership is sure to be a hotbed of creativity.


CBSG wins 1 Million euros with NGI Valorisation Award (More in English)

The annual Valorisation Award of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI) has been given to the Centre for BioSystems Genomics (CBSG). ‘In recognition of their founding role of the DNA labs, their ongoing support and generous acknowledgement of the critical contribution of the other centres, this year’s award goes to the Centre for BioSystems Genomics’, states the jury, consisting of the members of NGI’s Valorisation Board.D


Study load: contact hours in relation to programme workload

In the first phase of the Study and Teaching Load project, the Faculty has determined how the study load for students (and teachers) can be made clear. The study load for students has been set as the percentage of contact hours in relation to the total workload of a course.  

2 Science students among winners Student Research Conference

Physics and Mathematics students Lydia Brenner and Lennaert Bel won second prize for their research Photon Bunching in an Incandescent Light Bulb during the Student Research Conference on Thursday 24 November. VSNU Chairman Sijbold Noorda presented them with a 1000 euro prize at the conference, which has the aim of putting research by Bachelor's students on the map.  


Successful Bachelor Information Days

The Bachelor's Information Days held on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November were very successful. A total of nearly 3000 visitors came to get information about the Science programmes. The general presentation of all of our degree programmes were fully booked in advance!


Young Scientists Awards for three Science students

Three out of the nine KNAW Young Scientists Awards will go to graduated Science students of Utrecht University. Physicist Jorik van de Groep will receive a Shell Graduation Prize for his research into the development of efficient solar cells. Stephan Zheng, also a Physicist, will receive the Lorentz Graduation Prize for Theoretical Physics. Mathematician Sander Kupers will receive the PWN Graduation Prize for Mathematics for his new method to get a better grip on three-dimensional shapes.

From the media

A selection of media performances by our scientists during the months of September and October  


About the session Blackboard 9.1 on 29 November

On Tuesday afternoon 29 November, an information session was held on the migration from Blackboard to version 9.1. This new system replaces Blackboard Vista (previously known as WebCT Vista, in use at Biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Blackboard AS (in use at Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry and Mathematics) at the start of the academic year 2012-2013. Attendants were given the opportunity to ask their questions. The answers to these questions, as well as the PowerPoint presentation and the Lecturenet recording, will be published on A separate meeting for English-speaking members of staff is scheduled to take place soon.  


Frans Oort member of Academica Europaea

Frans Oort, UU Professor emeritus of Mathematics, was recently appointed as a member of the Academia Europaea.  


Albert Heck captures attention with Proteomics @ Carolus lecture 

The Carolus lecture, the annual lecture for Chemistry alumni, took place on 24 November. Those present were treated to a fascinating story by Albert Heck about the 'chemistry of the proteome'.  


Still seats available for chair massage

Chair massage reservations are pen. There are still places available for December.  


University staff in survey: ICT services can be improved 

This has become clear from a survey of university staff conducted by the Information Management & ICT Services Office last May. More than half of the respondents (54%) has experienced problems with ICT services. Over a third of the respondents (37%) stated to have been faced by ICT services issues, but found it acceptable, and 9% has never experienced problems with university ICT services.  


Free tele-seminar about stress for PhD candidates

Arjenne Louter of Louter Communicatie will hold a free tele-seminar on stress for PhD candidates on Thursday 8 December. The subject is: 'No stress, but motivation and inspiration'.  


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Beta2015: How do you stay informed?

Every employee becomes involved in one way or another with the action points and projects within Bèta 2015. Via this intranet site the action points and projects can be found in varying extent, mostly in Dutch.

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