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WONDER masterclass

2011: the masterclass has been postponed indefinitely. Please look at our individual course offer under "Courses"

The masterclass is a coherent and very challenging one year programme of study at the advanced master and beginning graduate student level. In order to participate, you need to apply with a motivation letter, you c.v., list of grades, and at least two reference letters. Most students that succesfully finish a master class programme go on to do a PhD somewhere around the world.

Foreign students are encouraged to apply. Please start the application process early enough in order to allow visa procedures and language test requirements. They can either register as regular master students at one of the participating universities (this is the prefered method, since it can lead to a certificed master degree), or register directly at the research school (in which case you will receive a certificate of participation upon successful completion of the masterclass).

Depending on the masterclass, funding might be available for living expenses and health insurance. If you need such funding, please indicate why so in your application, including a financial statement.

If you are interested in participation, send your application before the indicated deadline to: Department of Mathematics, WONDER masterclass application, Universiteit Utrecht, P.O. Box 80.010, 3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands (this is a P.O. Box address, if you are using a courier/parcel service, please use the following address instead: Budapestlaan 6, 3584 CD Utrecht, The Netherlands).


  • 2010-2011: Moduli spaces; deadline expired