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Master's Theses

Before you start working on your thesis:

  • Fill out the Application Form together with your supervisor.

  • Contact the co÷rdinator of the Master's programme, Dr. Enrico Pajer, Buys Ballot Building, Princetonplein 5, room BBG 7.70, tel. 030-2533062 for the final signature of the Application form.
  • Register at the ITP secretariat, Buys Ballot Building, Princetonplein 5, room 7.13, by bringing the completed Application form of which a copy will be made. Your name will be added to the mailing lists, website, computer account, and your photo will be taken.

  • Hand the original Application Form to the Student Desk [studentenbalie],  Buys Ballot Building, Princetonplein 5, room 1.84a/1.86, tel. 030-2531420, 
    email: science.gsns@uu.nl, open every working day from 10h00-14h30.

When your thesis is almost completed:

  • Set a date for your Thesis Talk. Contact Joost van Zee, BBG, room 7.14, to reserve a timeslot on one of the fixed dates after discussing with your supervisor. You will be notified ahead of time of the possible dates. Send your title and abstract to the ITP secretariat.

When your thesis is finished:

  • Hand a copy of your thesis to your supervisor (hardcopy). It is sufficient if you notify the Student Desk and the ITP secretariat that your thesis has been uploaded to IGITUR. Follow these instructions to submit your thesis.
  • Your supervisor will fill out an Assessment Form. Send the original to the Student Desk and a copy to the ITP secretariat.
  • The graduation procedure details can be found here.

In the Master's Theses Archives you will find the data of students who have received their Master's Degrees, starting from 2003.