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Symposium in honour of Henk van Beijeren

28 November 2008

At the end of 2008 prof. Henk van Beijeren will celebrate his 65th birthday. In the Dutch system this implies retirement from his active duty as a professor in the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Utrecht. In order to mark this occasion and to honour Henk's enormous contributions to Statistical Physics, we are organizing a one-day symposium entitled "Statistical Physics out of Equilibrium" in Utrecht on Friday, 28 November 2008. All are welcome!

Location Boothzaal, University Library, Heidelberglaan 3, De Uithof, Utrecht. Travel directions can be found here.

09:30 09:50 coffee
09.50 - 10.00 Opening by Prof. Henk Stoof (director ITP Utrecht) 
10:00 10:55 Prof. Joost Frenken (Leiden)
SM in 2D: roughening and other seriously kinky games
11:00 11:55 Prof. Enrico Carlon (Leuven)
Hybridization thermodynamics in DNA microarrays
12:30 13:15 lunch at balkon Pi (educatorium) only for people who registered/paid
other lunch possiblilities are available in the vicinity of the Boothzaal
13:30 14:25 Prof. Wim van Saarloos (Leiden)
Foam rheology and critical scaling in the bubble model
14:30 15:25 Prof. Bob Dorfman (Maryland)
Aspects of the modern kinetic theory of gases
15:25 15:45 tea
15:45 16:45 farewell lecture Prof. Henk van Beijeren
The baby and the bath water. On the art of doing statistical physics
17:15 18:15 reception (Minnaert building, upper floor restaurant)

Registration for the symposium with lunch included is closed.
Attending the talks doesn't require registration.

For a list of participants click here

Further inquiries can be directed to the organizers R. van Roij (r.vanroij AT uu.nl) and G. Barkema (g.t.barkema AT uu.nl).

'The uphill turtle race', by Elise van Roij
H. van Beijeren,
The uphill turtle race: on short time nucleation probabilities,
J. Stat. Phys. 110 (2003) 1397-1402