Microscopic models of Quantum Spacetime  
Utrecht, 15 - 19 Sept. 2008

Microscopic models of Quantum Spacetime

" Microscopic models of Quantum Spacetime " is a 5-days informal, technical workshop at Utrecht University, discussing some recent developments in our theoretical understanding of the fundamental, physical nature of spacetime at the Planck scale.
The main themes of the workshop are loop quantum gravity and spin foam models, simplicial quantum gravity and discrete geometry, group field theories, non- commutative geometry. Sponsor of the event is
  • FQXi- Foundational Questions Institute
  • . The workshop will consist of 2-3 long talks per day. Plenty of time will be set aside for in-depth discussion and interaction among participants, including a social event on Wednesday night. The idea is to make this a pleasurable occasion for debating hot, if technical, open issues in the field, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

    Conference venue will be the ITF rooms 401 and 403 in the Minnaert Building on the Uithof campus of Utrecht University.