The talks will take place in the Hijmans van den Bergh building (see local info) in Utrecht Science Park ("de Uithof").

Tentative program is as follows (see the speakers page for abstracts):

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.45 Registration
9.45 Welcome address by Gerrit van Meer
(Dean of the Faculty of Science)
10.00 pdf no video audio  Plefka "Yangian symmetry for smooth Maldacena-Wilson loops in N=4 SYM" pdf video audio  Kostov "On the three-point functions of heavy non-BPS fields in N=4 SYM" pdf video audio  Bissi "Higher spin correlators"    pdf video audio  Trnka "The Amplituhedron"    pdf video audio  Pestun "From instanton functions to quantum groups"
10.50 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11.20 pdf video audio  Frassek "Bethe Ansatz for Yangian invariants: towards scattering amplitudes" nopdf video audio  Vieira "Space-time S-matrix and flux-tube S-matrix: Part I" pdf video audio  Gaberdiel "Large N=4 minimal model holography"    pdf video audio  McLoughlin "Worldsheet form factors in AdS/CFT"    pdf video audio  Sieg "(Non-)conformality and finite-size effects in the gamma_i-deformation"
12.10 pdf video audio  de Leeuw "RTT realization of the AdS/CFT Yangian" nopdf video audio  Basso "Space-time S-matrix and flux-tube S-matrix: Part II" pdf video audio  Ohlsson Sax "Worldsheet S-matrices for AdS3/CFT2"    pdf video audio Pearce "Logarithmic minimal models"    pdf video audio  Volin "Quantum spectral curve for AdS5/CFT4 spectral problem"
13.00 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
14.45 pdf video audio  Janik "BFKL regime, twist-two operators and classical solutions" pdf video audio  Tateo "Nambu-Goto string and quark-antiquark potential from TBA" pdf video audio  Tseytlin "S-matrix of AdS_3 x S^3 x T^4 superstring theory with RR and NSNS 3-form flux"    pdf video audio  Gromov "Quantum spectral curve at work"
15.35 pdf video audio  Cantini "Razumov-Stroganov–type Correspondences: combinatorics and integrability" pdf video audio  Bajnok "Brane-antibrane system from an integrable point of view" pdf video audio  Roiban "Unitarity construction of worldsheet S-matrices in AdS_n x S^n x M"    pdf video audio  Korchemsky "Dual conformal symmetry and integrability"
16.30 Reception Coffee Coffee pdf video audio
Farewell address by Matthias Staudacher
19.00 Social dinner
(dinner cruise)

Access botanical garden
All the participants are welcome to visit the Botanical Gardens of Utrecht University. Access is free by presenting the IGST badge. The entrance to the gardens is in Budapestlaan 17, a few minutes on foot from the conference venue.
The gardens are open every day from 10.00 to 16.30.

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Social program

On Monday, at the end of the afternoon program, all attendees are invited to a welcome reception.

The welcome reception will be held in the Foyer of the Educatorium, very close to the conference venue:

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Thursday afternoon is free, for discussions, relaxing, or visiting some of the many attractions in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

The workshop dinner will take place of Thursday night and will be a dinner cruise on board the historical salonboot "Prins van Oranje" (photo below). The cruise will depart from the Amsterdam docks (very close to Amsterdam Central station) and will take us on a tour of the Amsterdam harbour and the IJsselmeer. Dinner and drinks will be served onboard.

Salonboot Prins van Oranje photo