Poster session

During the workshop, young participants can present their work in the poster session.

Here are the titles of the posters that will feature in the session:

I. Kawaguchi PDF "Schrodinger sigma models and Jordanian twists"
F. Levkovich-Maslyuk,
G. Sizov, N. Gromov
PDF "Near-BPS Cusp Anomalous Dimension at Any Coupling"
D. Meidinger PDF "Integrable spin chains with dynamic supersymmetry"
Z. Rezaei PDF "Probe Branes Thermalization in External Electric and Magnetic Fields"
A. Sadhukhan PDF1 PDF2 "Structure constants of β-deformed super Yang-Mills"
G. Sizov, S. Valatka PDF "Algebraic Curve for a Cusped Wilson Line"
E. Sobko, V. Kazakov,
I. Balitsky
PDF "Correlation function of two generilized Twist-2 operators in the BFKL approximation"
T. Wang PDF "Tailoring non-compact spin chains"
M. Wilhelm, J. Fokken PDF "The complete one-loop dilatation operator of real β-deformed super Yang-Mills theory"