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Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2010
Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP)
1 - 12 February 2010


Program: W. Beenakker (RU): Introduction to SUSY phenomenology
R. Britto (Saclay): Scattering amplitudes in gauge theories
B. Craps (VUB Brussels): Holography and cosmology
S. Vandoren (UU): Non-perturbative effects in classical and quantum field theory

Evening speakers:
B. Schellekens (Nikhef/RU): The emperor's last c
Y. Levin (UL) - Supermassive black holes
Ana Achúcarro (UL); Jos Vermaseren (Nikhef)
Registration: Registration is now closed. The registration fee includes a double room for eight nights and all meals. Alcoholic beverages are not included.

PhD students are expected to share a room.
As an exception, single rooms may be booked with the restriction that there are enough rooms available. In this case a surcharge of € 120,- must be paid.
Please note: DRSTP PhD-students will be given priority in case of overbooking.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation and further information after the registration deadline.
After the school has ended, an invoice will be sent to the address you indicated on your registration form.
In most cases, this is your affiliation.

Costs for registration of € 520,-- will be charged for cancellation after 18 January 2010.
The full registration fee of € 1.040,-- will be charged for cancellation after 25 January 2010.

If you wish to stay for the weekend you must make your own arrangements.

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