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Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2009
Theoretical High Energy Physics

16 - 27 February 2009

30-01-2017, 11.24
Program: E. Bergshoeff (RUG): Introduction to supersymmetry

M. Postma (Nikhef): Inflationary cosmology

V. Rychkov (SNS, Pisa): Beyond the standard model at the LHC

K. Schalm (UL): Strings and strongly coupled gauge theory

Evening speakers:
G. 't Hooft (UU): The CKM Matrix: a question of flavor

J.-S. Caux (UvA): 
Transmutation and fractionalization, or when 1 plus 1 isn't simply 2

E. Pallante (RUG); J.P. van der Schaar (UvA)
Registration: Registration is no longer possible. Costs for registration of
€ 515,-- will be charged for cancellations after 2 February 2009. The full registration fee of € 1.030,-- will be charged for cancellations after 9 February 2009.
The registration fee of € 1.030,-- includes a double room for eight nights including meals. Alcoholic beverages are not included. An invoice will be sent to the address you indicated on your registration form. In most cases, this is the address of your affiliation. Students interested in staying the weekend should make their own arrangements.

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