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 The DRSTP Postgraduate AIO/OIO School 2007
Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP)

will be held this year in collaboration with the

 Jorge André Swieca/IFT Summer School


28 January - 10 February 2007
São Paulo, Brazil


Minnaert building, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Jorge André Swieca Summer School, São Paulo, Brazil

Instituto de Física Teórica, São Paulo, Brazil

Twenty years ago the first postgraduate High Energy Physics School was organized near Apeldoorn (Wispelberg) in the Netherlands. A special edition of the same school (now part of the DRSTP educational program) will be organized in 2007 in Brazil in cooperation with the Jorge André Swieca Summer School and the Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT/UNESP), São Paulo, Brazil.

The school will take place from 28 January to 10 February 2007 in São Paulo, Brazil.
The first week of the DRSTP school will overlap with the second week of the Jorge André Swieca Summer School.

Confirmed lecturers are:
Roger Forty (CERN), Gerard 't Hooft (Utrecht), Yasunori Nomura (UC Berkeley),
Hirosi Ooguri (Caltech), Tilman Plehn (Munich), Kostas Skenderis (Amsterdam), Jan Smit (Amsterdam/Utrecht), Silvio Sorella (UERJ), Jun Takahashi (São Paulo) and Bernard de Wit (Utrecht).

Scientific organizers from the Netherlands:
Justus Koch (NIKHEF/Amsterdam) and Kostas Skenderis (Amsterdam).

Scientific organizers from Brazil:
Nathan Berkovits (IFT/UNESP, São Paulo), Gustavo Burdman (USP, São Paulo) and
Miriam Gandelman (UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro) and Gastao Krein (IFT/UNESP, Sao Paulo).


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