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Each of the participating partners appoints a representative in the Governing Board of the School, which is responsible for the mission and the overall policy of the DRSTP.

The DRSTP is assisted in its endeavor by an international Scientific Advisory Committee of distinguished scientists.

The Scientific Director, who is appointed by the Commissioner, is responsible for implementing the overall policy on behalf of the Educational Board and for coordinating DRSTP activities.

The Educational Board advises the Governing Board on the organization of the educational program.

Direct feedback from the students is obtained through the PhD Student Council.

The day-to-day management of the School and its activities is carried out by the Bureau (Managing Director and Secretary).

Scientific Advisory Committee:
Prof. P.M. Chaikin (NYU), New York University, USA
Prof. M. Henneaux (ULB), University of Brussels, Belgium
Prof. R. Kallosh (SU), Stanford University, California, USA
Prof. G. 't Hooft (UU), Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Prof. X.-G. Wen (MIT), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

DRSTP Scientific Director:
Prof. H.T.C. Stoof (UU); 030-2531871;

Governing Board:

Dr. W.J.P. Beenakker (RU); 024-3653283;
Prof. R. Fleischer (Nikhef); 020-5925127;
Dr. G.J. Stephens (VUA); 020-5987855;
Prof. C. Morais Smith (UU); 030-2533062;
Prof. E. Pallante (RUG); 050-3633420;
Prof. E.P. Verlinde (UvA) (Chairman); 020-5257314;
Prof. J. Zaanen (UL); 071-5275506;

Educational Board:
Dr. P.A. Bobbert (TU/e); 040-2474352;
Prof. D. Boer (RUG); 050-3633656;
Dr. P.J.H. Denteneer (UL); 071-5275508;
J. van de Vis MSc (Nikhef) repr. PhD Student Council; 020-5925011;
Prof. P.J.G. Mulders (VUA); 020-5987863;
Prof. B. Nienhuis (UvA) (Chairman); 020-5255749;

Dr. F. Saueressig (RU); 024-3652826;
Prof. K.E. Schalm (Delta ITP); 071-5275516;
Prof. J.-W. van Holten (Nikhef); 020-5925131;
Prof. R.H.H.G. van Roij (UU); 030-2537579;
Student organizer THEP school
Student organizer SPTCM school

PhD Student Council:
F.F. Ferrari MSc (UvA) (theme 1); 020-5255771;
T. van Daal MSc (VUA) (theme 1); 020-5987906;
M.R. Boers (RUG) (theme 1); 050-3634950;
N. Bovenzi (UL) (theme 2); 071-5275529;
M.C.A. Reitz MSc (RU) (theme 1); 024-3653104;
T. Sikkenk MSc (UU) (theme 2); 030-2532958;
J. van de Vis MSc (Nikhef) (theme 1) (Chairman); 020-5925011;

DRSTP Bureau:
Drs. J.M. van Zee (Managing Director); 030-2537549;
W.L. Verweij (Secretary); 030-2535916;

Last update: 21-05-2017, 16.10