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  DRSTP NEWSLETTER - Thursday, 8 February 2018

The DRSTP Newsletter is published every second Thursday of the month, except for the months June and July.
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Next issue: 8 March 2018

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This newsletter contains:

1. DRSTP Postgraduate Course (AIO/OIO school) Statistical Physics and Theory of Condensed Matter (SPTCM) (12-23 March 2018)

2. Delta ITP Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics (Spring 2018)

3. National Seminar Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP) (Friday, 16 March 2018)

4. National seminars

5. Local seminars/colloquia

1. DRSTP Postgraduate Course (AIO/OIO school) Statistical Physics and Theory of Condensed Matter (SPTCM) (12-23 March 2018)
Location: Mooirivier, Dalfsen
Organizers: Lars Fritz (UU); Edan Lerner (UvA); Mariya Lizunova (UU)
Lecturers: Alexander Altland (Cologne University), Bela Mulder (AMOLF), Paul van der Schoot (TU/e + Utrecht); Philippe Corboz (UvA); Joost de Graaf (UU)
Evening speakers: Selma de Mink (API/UvA); Alejandra Castro (UvA)
For registration and further details:

2. Delta ITP Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics I (Spring 2018)
This spring's Delta ITP Course Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics I, aimed at advanced Master’s students, PhD and postdoctoral researchers, is built around the general
theme of "Spontaneous symmetry breaking".
Lectures will take place on Mondays at 11:15-13:00, followed by a study/exercise session 13:45- end.
The course will be divided into three 5-week modules; for each one there are four lectures (3hrs each) and four exercise sessions (3hrs each). At the end of the module there is an exam.
All exams will be marked pass/fail. You need to pass all three exams to receive credit for the course. Registration is obligatory.

Module 1: Spontaneous symmetry breaking in the context of Condensed Matter Physics
Jasper van Wezel (UvA)
Lectures: Feb 5, 12, 19, 26
Exam: Mar 5
Location/Room: Amsterdam, Science Park 904, room G5.29 (in Amsterdam)

Module 2
Alexey Boyarsky (UL)
Lectures: Mar 12, 19, 26, Apr 9, [Apr 2 is Easter]
Exam: Apr 16
Location/Room: TBA (in Leiden)

Module 3: Spontaneous symmetry breaking and non-perturbative dynamics
Irene Valenzuela (UU)
Lectures: Apr 23, 30, May 7, 14 [May 21 is Pentecost]
Exam: May 28
Location/Room: TBA (in Utrecht)

Abstract: Even if a symmetry is spontaneously broken in any finite order of perturbation theory in quantum field theory (QFT), it can be restored at non-perturbative level in certain cases. More concretely, the Coleman-Mermin-Wagner theorem states that a continuous global symmetry cannot be spontaneously broken at finite temperature in dimension $D\leq 2$. This is at the core of many Condensed Matter systems as well as Higher Energy physics phenomena. In this course we will study the restoration of global symmetries in quantum field theories including both scalar and gauge fields in low dimensions. To that end, we will learn the tools to account for non-perturbative effects (instantons) in QFT representing the analogous of a tunneling transition in quantum mechanics. We will cover the following topics:
- Basics of spontaneous symmetry breaking and phase transitions in QFT.
- Instantons in Abelian systems: quantum field theory beyond the perturbative level.
- Restoration of symmetry in scalar field theories: 1D Ising model and 2D Kosterlitz–Thouless transition.
- Restoration of symmetry in gauge field theories: Abelian-Higgs model, theta-vacuum structure of gauge theories and confinement in compact QED.
- Trouble with global symmetries in quantum gravity.

Further details:

3. National Seminar Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP) (Friday, 16 March 2018)
Location: Nikhef-WCW, Room Z011, Science Park 105, 1098 XG Amsterdam
Organizers: Juan Rojo (VUA), Marieke Postma (Nikhef), Thomas Grimm (UU)
Lecturers: Sascha Caron (Radboud University Nijmegen); Franz Herzog (Nikhef); Germano Nardini (University of Bern) colloquium speaker; Irene Valenzuela (ITP Utrecht)
09:45 Coffee/tea
10:15 Speaker 1
11:15 Speaker 2: Germano Nardini (University of Bern) colloquium speaker
12:15 Lunch
14:00 speaker 3
15:00 Coffee/tea
15:15 speaker 4
16:15 Borrel/drinks

Route description:

4. National seminars
* Mark Kac:
As usual, speakers, titles, abstracts and locations will be published on our website as they become known, and announced by e-mail one week ahead of each seminar.
The Mark Kac seminar is supported by FOM ( and is an activity of the STAR stochastics cluster (

* International Center for Workshops in the Sciences:
Anyone engaged in scientific research, anywhere in the world, can propose a workshop. In fact, the Center welcomes diversity of background and nationality in submissions.
We have two venues in Leiden, dedicated to groups of different sizes: The Lorentz Center@Oort for groups of up to 55 participants and the Lorentz Center@Snellius for smaller groups of up to 25 participants.
For detailed guidelines and advice, see the Lorentz Center website.

* Delta ITP:
Theoretical Cosmology Meetings:
Delta ITP Holography Meeting:
Quantum and Topological Matter Meetings:

5. Local seminars/colloquia/news and events

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