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Theme 1: Particle physics, cosmology, quantum gravity and string theory
Theme 2: Quantum matter, quantum information, soft condensed matter and biophysics

Permanent staff   - Temporary staff / postdoctoral fellows   - PhD students   - Emeriti   - Associate members

Permanent staff

University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Prof. F.A. Bais (theme 1)
Prof. D.D. Baumann (theme 1)
Dr. G.F. Bertone (theme 1)
Dr. A. Castro Anich (theme 1)
Prof. J.-S. Caux  (theme 2)
Dr. C.N. Cheng (theme 1)
Dr. P.R. Corboz (theme 2)
Prof. J. de Boer (theme 1)
Dr. B.W. Freivogel (theme 1)
Dr. V. Gritsev (theme 1)
Dr. D.M. Hofman (theme 1)
Prof. E.L.M.P. Laenen (theme 1)
Dr. E. Lerner (theme 2)
Prof. B. Nienhuis (theme 2)
Dr. Th.M. Nieuwenhuizen (theme 2)
Prof. A.M.M. Pruisken (theme 2)
Prof. C.J.M. Schoutens (theme 2)
Dr. J.P. van der Schaar (theme 1)
Dr. J. van Wezel (theme 2)
Prof. E.P. Verlinde (theme 1)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA)
Prof. R. Fleischer (theme 1)
Prof. P.J.G. Mulders (theme 1)
Dr. J. Rojo (theme 1)
Dr. G.J. Stephens (theme 2)
Prof. T.D. Visser (theme 2)
Prof. P.R. ten Wolde (theme 2)

University of Groningen (RUG)
Prof. E.A. Bergshoeff (theme 1)
Prof. D. Boer (theme 1)
Dr. A. Mazumdar (theme 1)
Prof. E. Pallante (theme 1)
Dr. K. Papadodimas (theme 1)
Prof. D. Roest (theme 1)
Prof. R.G.E. Timmermans (theme 1)
Prof. A.C.D. van Enter (theme 2) (Math.)

Leiden University (UL)
Prof. A. Achúcarro (theme 1)
Prof. G.T. Barkema (theme 2)
Prof. C.W.J. Beenakker (theme 2)
Dr. A. Boyarskyi (theme 1)
Dr. V. Cheianov (theme 2)
Dr. P.J.H. Denteneer (theme 2)
Dr. D. Garlaschelli (theme 2)
Dr. L. Giomi (theme 2)
Dr. A. Parnachev (theme 1)
Prof. K.E. Schalm (theme 1)
Prof. H. Schiessel (theme 2)
Prof. J.-W. van Holten (theme 1)
Prof. V. Vitelli (theme 2)
Prof. J. Zaanen (theme 2)

Radboud University Nijmegen (RU)
Prof. W.J.P. Beenakker (theme 1)
Prof. R.H.P. Kleiss (theme 1)
Prof. R. Loll (theme 1)
Dr. F.S. Saueressig (theme 1)
Prof. A.N.J.J. Schellekens (theme 1)

Prof. A. Fasolino (theme 2)
Prof. M.I. Katsnelson (theme 2)
Dr. J.H. Mentink (theme 2)
Dr. M.J.M. Titov (theme 2)
Dr. S. Yuan (theme 2)

Utrecht University (UU)
Dr. R.A. Duine (theme 2)
Dr. L. Fritz (theme 2)
Dr. T.W. Grimm (theme 1)
Dr. U. Gürsoy (theme 1)
Prof. E.L.M.P. Laenen (theme 1)
Prof. C. Morais Smith (theme 2)
Dr. C. Ortix (theme 2)
Dr. E. Pajer (theme 1)
Dr. T. Prokopec (theme 1)
Dr. D. Schuricht (theme 2)
Prof. H.T.C. Stoof (theme 2)
Prof. G. 't Hooft (theme 1)
Prof. P.P.A.M. van der Schoot (theme 2)
Prof. R.H.H.G. van Roij (theme 2)
Prof. S.J.G. Vandoren (theme 1)

Nikhef Theory Group (Nikhef)
Prof. B. de Wit (theme 1)
Prof. R. Fleischer (theme 1)
Prof. E.L.M.P. Laenen (theme 1)
Dr. M. Postma (theme 1)
Prof. A.N.J.J. Schellekens (theme 1)
Prof. J.-W. van Holten (theme 1)
Dr. J.A.M. Vermaseren (theme 1)

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Temporary staff / postdoctoral fellows

University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Dr. Y. Akrami (theme 1)
Dr. A. Belin (theme 1)
Dr. N. Bozorgnia (theme 1)
Dr. S. Chung (theme 2)
Dr. P.M. Crichigno (theme 1)
Dr. M. Fornasa (theme 1)
Dr. D. Gaggero (theme 1)
Dr. D.A. Galante (theme 1)
Dr. A. Garzilli (theme 1)
Dr. N. Iqbal (theme 1)
Dr. E. Ilievski (theme 2)
Dr. G. Lockhart (theme 1)
Dr. M. Martinelli (theme 1)
Dr. C. McCabe (theme 1)
Dr. J.M. Gaskins (theme 1)
Dr. G.L. Goon (theme 1)
Dr. G. Leite Pimentel (theme 1)
Dr. M. Lovell (theme 1)
Dr. A. Papaefstathiou (theme 1)
Dr. J.F. Pedraza (theme 1)
Dr. E. Quinn (theme 2)
Dr. E.M. Storm (theme 1)
Dr. B.S.E. Vercnocke (theme 1)
Dr. M.L. Vonk (theme 1)
Dr. C. Weniger (theme 1)
Dr. F. Zandanel (theme 1)
Dr. L.K. Zeune (theme 2)
Dr. S. Zhu (theme 2)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA)
Dr. V. Bertone (theme 1)
Dr. N.P. Hartland (theme 1)
Dr. T. Kasemets (theme 1)
Dr. E. Petreska (theme 1)
Dr. M. Vahabi (theme 2)

University of Groningen (RUG)
Dr. D. Stefanyszyn (theme 1)

Leiden University (UL)
Dr. Y. Akrami (theme 1)
Dr. D. Banerjee (theme 2)
Dr. B. Baxevanis (theme 2)
Dr. A. Bermudez (theme 2)
Dr. M. Breitkreiz (theme 2)
Dr. D. Chevallier (theme 2)
Dr. M. Fruchart (theme 2)
Dr. O. Gamayun (theme 2)
Dr. A. Garzilli (theme 1)
Dr. S. Gentle (theme 1)
Dr. L. Giomi (theme 1)
Dr. S. Grozdanov (theme 1)
Dr. B. Hu (theme 1)
Dr. Y.-P. Hu (theme 2)
Dr. J. Hutasoit (theme 2)
Dr. N. Kaplis (theme 2)
Dr. A. Krikun (theme 2)
Dr. M. Martinelli (theme 1)
Dr. J. Nissinen (theme 2)
Dr. V. Palychkov (theme 1)
Dr. J. Paulose (theme 2)
Dr. D. Pearce (theme 2)
Dr. P. Sabella-Garnier (theme 2)
Dr. A. Silvestri (theme 1)
Dr. A. Souslov (theme 2)

Radboud University Nijmegen (RU)

Dr. G. D'Odorico (theme 1)
Dr. S. Gryb (theme 1)
Dr. J. Hynbida (theme 1)
Dr. M. Martin Benito (theme 1)
Dr. J.P. Ryan (theme 1)

Dr. S. Yuan (theme 2)

Utrecht University (UU)
Dr. S. Bender (theme 1)
Dr. S. Gentle (theme 1)
Dr. M. Montero (theme 1)
Dr. G. Palumbo (theme 2)
Dr. T. Price (theme 2)
Dr. D. Regalado (theme 1)
Dr. S. Samin (theme 2)
Dr. L. Santoni (theme 1)
Dr. B. Swiezevska (theme 1)
Dr. P. Szepietowski (theme 1)
Dr. I. Valenzuela (theme 1)
Dr. W. van der Schee (theme 1)

Nikhef Theory Group (Nikhef)
Dr. J. de Vries (theme 1)
Dr. G. Falcioni (theme 1)
Dr. F. Herzog (theme 1)
Dr. S. Kumar Saravanan (theme 1)
Dr. E. Mariani (theme 1)
Dr. G. Tetlamatzi-Xolocotzi (theme 1)
Dr. T. Ueda (theme 1)
Dr. E. Vryonidiou (theme 1)
Dr. L. Zeune (theme 1)

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PhD students

DRSTP membership application procedure for PhD students

PhD students can be proposed for membership by the partner organization they are associated with if their promoter is a member of the DRSTP. Membership applications for PhD students have to be accompanied by two forms:

1. a copy of an 'Education and Supervision Form' [opleiding- en begeleidingsplan (OBP)] signed by the PhD student, the promotor(s) and co-promotor(s) (if applicable), and an independent counselor (someone who is not involved with the project and preferably a DRSTP staff member). This form is available at the secretariat of your institute. If you have any questions concerning the procedure you can also approach your PhD Student Council member.

2. a copy of the Registration form DRSTP PhD students (download here).

The Governing Board decides on membership applications. Membership of the DRSTP is automatically terminated if the association of the member with the partner organization in question comes to an end.

For further information see the selection and supervision procedure.

University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Aalsma, L. (theme 1)
Annagianis, V. (theme 1)
Arvidsson Liem, S.L.S. (theme 1)
Bartels, R.T. (theme 1)
Buijsman, W.G. (theme 2)
Chia, H.S. (theme 1)
Cohen Maldonado, D.B. (theme 1)
Crone, S. (theme 2)
de Swart, J. (theme 1)
Diamanti, R.D. (theme 1)
Dimitrakopoulos, F. (theme 1)
Edwards, T.D.P. (theme 1)
Eliëns, I.S. (theme 2)
Ferrari, F.F. (theme 1)
Feyereisen, M.R. (theme 1)
Gartner, L. (theme 2)
Godet, V. (theme 1)
Ilgin, I. (theme 1)
Jefferson, R.A. (theme 1)
Kabir, L.R. (theme 1)
Klop, N. (theme 1)
Krishnamurthy, S. (theme 1)
Kruthoff, J. (theme 1)
Llabres Llambias, E.M. (theme 1)
Lokhande, S.F. (theme 1)
Lustermans, G. (theme 1)
Niesen, I.A. (theme 2)
Oling, G.W.J. (theme 1)
Rens, R. (theme 2)
Rietkerk, R.J. (theme 1)
Silva, A.C.O. (theme 2)
Tapias Arze, S.E. (theme 2)
Ten Hagen, S. (theme 1)
van Caspel, M.T. (theme 2)
van den Berg, R. (theme 2)
van Leuven, S.P.G. (theme 1)
van Voorden, B. (theme 2)
Visser, M. (theme 1)
Vlijm, R.P. (theme 2)
Wouters, B.M. (theme 1)
Zoppi, L. (theme 1)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA)
Cotogno, S. (theme 1)
da Costa, A.C. (theme 1)
Signori, A. (theme 1)
van Daal, T. (theme 1)

University of Groningen (RUG)
Alkaç, G. (theme 1)
Barragán Amado, J.J. (theme 1)
Basanisi, L. (theme 1)
Boers, M.R. (theme 1)
Brijan, J.-W. (theme 1)
Christodoulidis, P. (theme 1)
Coone, A.A. (theme 1)
Haase, P. (theme 1)
Hao, Y. (theme 1)
Klein, R. (theme 1)
Kovačevič, M. (theme 1)
Oosterhof, F. (theme 1)
Peeters, R. (theme 1)
Sauerwein, U. (theme 1)
Schutten, M. (theme 1)
Vos, G.V. (theme 1)
Werkman, P. (theme 1)

Leiden University (UL)
Almog, A. (theme 2)
Atal Chomali, V. (theme 1)
Babeanu, A.-I. (theme 2)
Baireuther, P.S. (theme 2)
Benenowski, B. (theme 1)
Bondarenko, K. (theme 1)
Bovenzi, N. (theme 2)
Gemmetto, V. (theme 2)
Gnezdilov, N.V. (theme 2)
Green, R. (theme 2)
Keesman, R. (theme 2)
Liu, K. (theme 2)
Magalich, A. (theme 1)
Marciani, M. (theme 2)
Meszéna, B. (theme 1)
O'Brien, T. (theme 2)
Ostroukh, V. (theme 2)
Papadomanolakis, G. (theme 1)
Poovuttikul, N. (theme 2)
Rinaldin, M. (theme 2)
Säterskog, P. (theme 1/2)
Schram, R. (theme 2)
Schakenraad, K. (theme 2)
Scopelliti, V. (theme 1)
Steudtner, M. (theme 2)
Sulangi, M. (theme 2)
Tarasinski, B.M. (theme 2)
Tompitak, M. (theme 2)
van Zuiden, B.C. (theme 2)
Vardanyan, V. (theme 1)
Welling, Y. (theme 1)
You, Z. (theme 2)
Zhou, Y. (theme 2)
Zuiddam, M. (theme 2)

Radboud University Nijmegen (RU)
Alkofer, N. (theme 1)
Pires, L.P. (theme 1)
Reitz, M.C.A. (theme 1)
Ripken, A.C. (theme 1)
van Beekveld, M.C. (theme 1)
Verheyen, R. (theme 1)

Ado, I.A. (theme 2)
Donker, H.C. (theme 2)

Utrecht University (UU)
Bet, B. (theme 2)
Corvilain, P. (theme 1)
Drwenski, T. (theme 2)
Finelli, B. (theme 1)
Fischer, S.F. (theme 2)
Flebus, B. (theme 2)
Friedrich, P. (theme 1)
Gergs, N.M. (theme 2)
Greiner, S. (theme 1)
Grubinskas, S. (theme 2)
het Lam, H. (theme 1)
Jansen, A. (theme 1)
Kempkes, S.N. (theme 2)
Kooi, S.H. (theme 2)
Leihua, L. (theme 1)
Liao, L. (theme 2)
Liu, L. (theme 1)
Lizunova, M. (theme 2)
Lucat, S. (theme 1)
Mayer, K. (theme 1)
Menezes, N. (theme 2)
Nijs, G. (theme 1)
Papadoulaki, O. (theme 1)
Plantz, N. (theme 1)
Puškarov, T. (theme 2)
Rodenburg, J. (theme 2)
Schönauer, B. (theme 2)
Sikkenk, T. (theme 2)
Troppenz, T. (theme 2)
Ulloa, C.E. (theme 2)
van Dalum, G. (theme 2)
van der Woude, D. (theme 1)
van der Wurff, E. (theme 2)
van Miert, G. (theme 2)
van Walsem, E. (theme 2)
Werkhoven, B. (theme 2)
Zheng, J. (theme 2)

Nikhef Theory Group (Nikhef)
Ciceri, F.C. (theme 1)
d'Ambrosi, G. (theme 1)
Fumagalli, J. (theme 1)
Reys, V. (theme 1)
Ruijl, B.J.G. (theme 1)
van de Vis, J. (theme 1)
Wiechers, M. (theme 1)

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The following members received emeritus status:

Prof. M.A.J. Michels (Polymer Physics Group) (theme 2)

Prof. M. de Roo (RUG) (theme 1)
Prof. G. 't Hooft (UU) (theme 1)

Prof. F.A. Bais (UvA) (theme 1)
Prof. B. de Wit (UU) (theme 1)
Prof. B.J. Hoenders (RUG) (theme 2)
Prof. G. Nienhuis (UL) (theme 2)

Dr. B.L.G. Bakker (VUA) (theme 1)
Prof. J.H. Koch (Nikhef/UvA) (theme 1)

Dr. K. Allaart (VUA) (theme 2)
Prof. H.W.J. Blöte (UL) (theme 2)
Prof. J. Smit (UvA/UU) (theme 1)
Prof. H. van Beijeren (UU) (theme 2)
Dr. L.J. van den Horn (UvA) (theme 1)
Dr. W.A. van Leeuwen (UvA) (theme 2)

Dr. T.A. Rijken (RU) (theme 1)

prior to 2007:
prof. dr. H.W. Capel (UvA) (theme 2)
prof. dr. ir. H. Dekker (UvA) (theme 2)
prof. dr. M.H. Ernst (UU) (theme 2)
prof. dr. H.J.F. Knops (RU) (theme 2) (2005)
prof. dr. Th.W. Ruijgrok (UU) (theme 1, 2)
dr. L.G. Suttorp (UvA) (theme 2) (2005)
prof. dr. N.G. van Kampen (UU) (theme 2) (deceased 6-10-2013)
prof. dr. J.M.J. van Leeuwen (UL) (theme 2)

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Associate members

Prof. H. Dekker (UvA) (theme 2)
Prof. H.A. de Raedt (RUG) (theme 2)
Prof. L.-F. Feiner (Philips) (theme 2)
Prof. B.J. Hoenders (RUG) (theme 2)
Dr. ir. L.P.J. Kamp (TU/e) (theme 2)
Prof. J. Knoester (RUG) (theme 2)
Dr. ir. S.J.J.F.M. Kokkelmans (TU Eindhoven) (theme 2)
Prof. D. Lohse (UT) (theme 2)
Prof. M.V. Mostovoy (RUG) (theme 2)
Theoretical and Polymer Physics Group (TU/e) (theme 2)

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