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This fall's Delta ITP Course Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics aimed at advanced (2nd year) Masterís students, PhD and postdoctoral researchers, is built around the general theme of "Non-equilibrium quantum field theory".
Lectures will take place on Mondays at 11:15-13:00, followed by a study/exercise session 13:45- end.
The location of this semester's course rotates between the three institutes. The first module is in Utrecht. Directions to each institute can be found here: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden.
The course will be divided into three 5-week modules; for each one there are four lectures (2hrs each) and four exercise sessions (4hrs each). At the end of the module there is an exam. All exams are pass/fail. You need to pass all three exams to receive credit for the course.

Please register here for the course; also register if you do not take the course for credit. Note also that we cannot process your grade if you are not registered.

Travel Cost Reimbursement:
Students who do not have an OV-card from the Dutch government can have their travel costs reimbursed from Delta ITP.

Please contact your local organizer (below) for details.

List of participants

Module 1: Introduction to non-equilibrium QFT
Tomislav Prokopec (UU)
Lectures: Sep 11, 18, 25, Oct 2 (from 11-14, incl. lunch break)
Exam: Oct 9 (13-17 hrs) in BBG 7.12
Location/Room: Buys Ballot Building, Princetonplein 5, room 7.12, Utrecht

Abstract: In this mini-course we shall discuss basics of non-equilibrium quantum physics. For simplicity, to a large extent we shall develop the relevant concepts in quantum mechanical systems and then indicate how our results generalize to quantum field-theoretic setting. We shall cover the following topics:

* The density operator and entropy
* Propagators and two-point functions
* The Schwinger-Keldysh or the in-in formalism
* Applications

Module 2: Non-equilibrium QFT in condensed matter
Vadim Cheianov (UL)
Lectures: Oct 16, 23, 30, Nov 6
Exam: Nov 13
Location/Room: Niels Bohrweg 2, Huygens Laboratory, room HL 226, Leiden

Abstract: This module will focus on applications of quantum theory of non-equilibrium processes in condensed matter systems.
* Quantum tunneling
* Quantum impurity problems
* Transport in disordered systems
* Superconductors

Module 3: Quantum field theory in curved spacetime
Ben Freivogel (UvA)
Lectures: Final lecture is on 18 December in Room H.331
Exam: Final deadline Dec 22
Location/Room: Nikhef, Science Park 105, room H.331, Amsterdam
Just tell the receptionist that you are attending this course and they will let you in.

Monday 18 December 2017
Dear students,
Attached is hopefully all of the relevant information for the course, including
-instructions for the exam (final deadline Friday 22 December)
-notes taken by one of the students
-all assigned exercises.
Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll see you Monday (18 Dec) at 13h for the final lecture.
Best, Ben

On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 12:53 AM, Ben Freivogel wrote:
Joris and I have come up with the following solution for the final lecture and exam. The final lecture will take place at the scheduled exam time, from 13-15h on this coming Monday, 18 Dec. in the usual room. The exam will be some exercises you can do at home, partly consisting of exercises already assigned. We will tell you tomorrow (Wednesday) what exercises you need to do, and you will have one week to do them.
This way we can still have the last lecture, and finish the course before Christmas. Please let me know if you have any problem with this plan. We will not have an exercise class following the last lecture, since we cannot help too much with the exam problems.
Best, Ben
Abstract: This module will focus on techniques and results from quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, such as the real world. Important applications we will cover include:
-Quantum fluctuations during inflation that generate the temperature fluctuations in the CMB;
-Hawking radiation from black holes and the black hole information paradox.

We are planning roughly the following schedule:
Lecture 11:00-13:45 (including 45 minute lunch break)
Exercises 14-17h
The exercises are a very important part of the course, where you actually learn to use the tools covered in the lecture.

Suggested references (these have a lot of overlap with each other):
-Book by Birrell and Davies, "Quantum Fields in Curved Space"
-"Jerusalem Lectures on Black Holes and Quantum Information" by Harlow,
-"Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime" by Ford,

Grading: Pass/Fail, based on the exam. The exam is Monday 18 December, 13-17h in Nikhef H331. Most of the exam will be closely based on the exercises.

Teaching Assistant: Joris Kattemolle

Dr. Enrico Pajer
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Utrecht University
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
tel: +31 30 253 5906

Prof. Koenraad Schalm
Instituut-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics
Leiden University
Niels Bohrweg 2
2335 CA Leiden

Dr. Wouter Waalewijn
Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam
tel: +31 (0)20 525 3204

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